Finding the One- the Exception

I was listening to 'The Exception' by Paramore the other day. Then it struck me when I realized how incredibly sweet the song it.

'Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul, that love never lasts...'

'...But darling, you're the only exception.'

People say that true love enables one to accept each other for who they are. What could be better than that? How about finding a person who likes you for your best and your worst? The one who actually finds what other people think of you being disgusting cute. That one person who will never be tired of all your 'uniqueness'.

That one person that you know will never judge you for being you.

I like one of Ted Mosby's quotes from the sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother'.

Yes. Yes, we should.
To find that one person who is completely different from you, yet one who not only understands or accepts but actually likes you for who you are.

No body is perfect; But when one's imperfection is perfect in another one's eye and vice-versa - they are probably meant for each other.

Anyway, let's just say this is another day when a teenage girl was day dreaming and ended up writing this lovey-dovey post.

And, off-topic,
it's 2012 WOHOO :)
I'm really glad that another year has come by. Hello, 2012. I wouldn't really say that 2011 sucked. I've learnt a lot of things in 2011. I learn about responsibility, friendship, hardship, stress, family, not running away- I learnt how to live.
Life is pretty much like a game, and age is like 'level of the game'. The older you get, the harder life is. It's a game that everyone will lose in the end- hey, everyone will eventually die right?

And I would like to THANK God, family and friends for all their support. Without them, really, I would completely be nothing. Wish everyone happiness throughout the year !


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