Kindness is contagious- True Story


It has been a while since the last time I wrote anything here. Anyway, I just had my June-break and I had to say it was one of the most memorable holiday I've ever had.

I went to Melbourne and it was great. The place itself is great- no doubt, but more importantly the people are just wonderful. It amazed me how people are more considerate (if compared to the people in the places that I've been living in) towards each other there. 

The road there gets crowded too at times. I tend to walk clumsily, so yes, when I get lost I will stop in the middle of the road and forget that people behind me can accidentally bump into me.

As long as I could remember, usually when such thing happens, the person who bumped into me will look at me scornfully and walk away. Or if not, they will make a 'Tsk' sound before they walk away.
"Learn to walk properly before you go wandering around!"

In Melbourne, I bumped into people... More than 8 times? Okay, I've to admit that is quite frequent, but I couldn't really help getting lost once in a while. Anyway, it baffled me until now how people react so differently there.

I was the one who either bumped into them or made a sudden stop so they bumped into me, yet they are the one who said 'Sorry' and smiled at me. If that's not the case, I would be the one apologizing and they would actually reply, 'It's alright!' , 'It's okay!', 'Nevermind, mate!' while turning their head to me and smiled.

And then this other day, my father was taking pictures of my mom, little brother and I. When all of a sudden, a young woman approached him and said, 'Do you want me to take pictures of you and your family?'. I was shocked when she voluntarily offered to take pictures for us. My brother even spontaneously said, 'Don't! She will take the camera' (HAHA skeptical, but I could see why; and phew, thankfully he said it in Bahasa or the young woman would get offended).

It was funny how strangers could notice other strangers who may need help in the middle of a bustling city. It was simply great how they are not scared to approach us and kindly offered us help.

I was moved by their kindness, and I felt so guilty for not being able to do kindness to other. I learnt that kindess IS contagious. When you are receiving kindness from other people, it makes you sort of guilty for not doing so to other people. There is an urge to do good to other people, because you know it will make others happy- just like what other people have made us feel.

My brother and I were out for lunch when I saw this mother and her 6 years' old walking together. The mother's backpack was widely open, and she seemed to not notice that. Her purse almost fell. I could just ignore it and walked pass them, hoping that other people would tell her instead of me. I was actually thinking of what to do, when I remembered of what other people had done to me. I just felt that I had to do the right thing.

So I tapped on the mother's shoulder, 'Ma'am, your bag is open' When she turned around, her purse fell and I quickly caught it and gave it to her. 'Thank you very much! My son must have opened it!', her tone seemed very grateful. 'You're welcome', I said.

What's more amazing is I felt great after that. I was glad that I could help a mother from losing her purse. Imagine all the troubles she had to go through if she did drop her purse; if all other people were as indifferent as I almost wanted to be.

Kindness IS contagious- but it is good for you. It is good for other people too. It may sound weird but to me this kind of thing IS important. It just makes the world a better place to live in.

After I came back from Melbourne, I found it more difficult to be friendly to strangers again. The culture is just different. But then, let me quote my favorite *cough* man of all of time Mister Mikhail Gorbachev,

'If not me, who? If not now, when?'

and also like what the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, said in one of his song, 'I'm starting with the man in the mirror'

Saying simple things such as 'Thank You', 'Sorry', 'Excuse me' and etc. can actually make a difference. So, let's begin this kind culture! :)

On the side notes,

Just finished my Common Tests. Sigh. After each paper, my friends and I felt that McDonald may not be such a bad place to work at, so yeah, would you like fries with your meal?

I've just moved to SA Hall and I'm really glad that my roommates are the people that I wanted to be in the same room with. Here take a look of us.
B11-11 <3

Have a good day people. ;)

Gay or Straight- doesn't matter, they're happy!

Gay people and their couples

Ellen DeGeneres
married since August 2008

Neil Patrick Harris

An awesome singer, actor and father. Had a relationship with David Burtka since 2004. They've proposed to each other in 2007, but had to hide the truth and waited until gay marriage was legal.
Read how Neil first met David, click here.

Sir Elton John
relationship since 1993, married in 2005

And then you have what you call a 'normal' relationship..
72 Days marriage

Britney Spears' 55 hours marriage

But of course, there are also them.

Adam Sandler and Jacqueline Samantha Titone married since 2003

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith married since 1997

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson married since 1985

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick married since 1988

Those who truly love each other will live happily ever after. It doesn't matter whether they are gay or straight- they are as happy.

"Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common"
- Dorothy Parker

"You don't have to be gay to be a supporter-- you just have to be human"
- Daniel Radcliffe

Stop hating and start loving. Have a nice day!

My Inspiration: Mikhail Gorbachev


Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (2 March 1931- ) was blamed for the collapse of communism in Soviet Union. He was also blamed for Soviet Union breaking into smaller countries. Not long after both of his domestic reforms seemed to fail the country and the incidence of 'August Coup', Gorbachev resigned as the leader of Soviet Union (1991).

I may not be a historian. I'm only a student who happened to learn about Gorbachev when studying for elective History. He appeared in the last chapter of my study, and I must say that he was the perfect and inspiring ending to the interesting study of the past.

How did he lead the fall of communism in Soviet Union?

He introduced the two famous domestic reforms, Perestroika and Glasnost.

  • Perestroika is the reform where the government granted its citizens full control of the market. Citizens did not need to wait for the Central government to give orders on what to produce. 
  • Glasnost, is openness, where people are no longer constrained from publicly criticizing the government, where people are no longer blindfolded from the truth. 
However, there was a clash between those who are for and against of these reforms. Economy took a deep plunge after the Perestroika was introduced. People began to be aware of what actually the former leader, Joseph Stalin, did during his regime of ruthlessness to run the region. The sense of nationalism within the diverge ethnic groups began to rise, and small Soviet countries started to ask for independence. Eventually, Soviet Union was dissolved and communism crumbled.

How did he lead the fall of communism in Eastern Europe?
He withdrew Soviet troops who were in charge in Eastern Europe. Leaving the dictators of Eastern European countries defenseless. As European people were tired of having to live in misery, oppression and not to forget being economically backward countries compared to their Western European neighboring-countries, they began to topple the then rulers. 
Destruction of Berlin Wall that separated the East and West Europe

To me, he is the world's hero. And I don't simply say that because communism was erased, capitalism won, thus it was true that when USA said that communism was evil it was actually evil, so yipee USA was right. GO USA! Na-ah, I'm not pro-USA- I'm also not against USA though.

The Soviet's economy did crumble, so did the wall of oppression.
During Stalin's rule, education was not to educate the mind of the young, it was only a means of propaganda. Art was controlled and so was education. People who was felt as threats were executed. Intellects- who were supposed to be potential future leaders- were killed. There was no freedom. Gorbachev introduced freedom to these people. A lot of prisoners were freed under Glasnost.

Communism itself was destroying the region. The weak central government failed to efficiently organize the market. Hence, people were deprived of their basic needs. If say, Gorbachev left the system as it was, sooner or later, it would also crumble. The system made the price alcohol cheaper than food and beverages. This caused workers to consume alcohol, and affected their working performance. As the system was equality, no matter how bad the quality of the work was, workers who work will still be paid. Also, because of the equality system, this discouraged the workers from working hard. They realized no matter how good the quality of the goods they produced, it would make no difference to their wages- why work hard then?

I personally think that communism is a perfect system where everyone is equal and none shall be more or less than the others. A system that will bring justice to the unfairness of life. However, s system with a defect that is so obvious and how well this system goes depends on a human nature that is hard to come by. 

Quoted by B.Taylor:
"For Marxism (communism) to work, very little greed and jealousy can exist and people must have a general feeling of charity and a willingness to work their hardest for the good of everyone. These are obviously not common traits. Marxism could also work if those who have the greatest abilities and those who work the hardest are satisfied with rewards equivalent to those with lesser abilities and those who don't work hard at all- which is very unlikely."

A doctor was assigned to handle a dying patient. There were two decisions that needed to be considered to save the patient. Either one, the doctor take the risk, operate the patient and the patient may survive or die or two, don't take the risk and let the patient suffer the disease and die. Gorbachev was this doctor, and the dying patient is Soviet Union. Given this choice, surely the wisest is to give it a try?

His main goal was to fix the stagnant economy of Soviet Union. He attempted to recognize the problem and was soon aware that it would be impossible to save the economy without changing the then structure. Gorbachev did his best, and he failed. Many condemned him for what he did-Even China condemned him for being too soft and befriending capitalist countries, but today more people started to notice what he has contributed to the world.

He withdrew troops from Afghanistan as he wanted to set priorities and wars shouldn't make it to the top of the list. He freed Eastern Europe from oppression and gave them freedom to choose their leaders. He fixed his relationship with USA and other western countries. He ended the Cold War. 

Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, former President of USA

Another personal trait that I admire from this man is his honesty. He has this particular birthmark on his head. The previous leaders such as Joseph Stalin, would not ever let himself be seen as less than perfect. Given the fact that everything under Stalin's regime was manipulated, it was no surprise to know that the images of Stalin were manipulated to perfection. Gorbachev refused to 'erase' his birthmark, and when asked why he simply answered, 'If such simple thing needs to be hidden, what is left there to be revealed?' Growing up under Stalin's rule, he has probably had enough of living in falseness. He knew deep down, everyone has also had enough.

Gorbachev and his late wife, Raisa

I have always wondered how he could run the country so differently from his predecessors. He helped in his father's farm during the collectivisation period. He grew up under Stalin's rule, when everything taught was propaganda. However, he managed to differ from the society he was born in- an inspiration indeed.

He managed to change not only Soviet Union, but also the world we're living today.

Gorbachev was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in the 1990 for his success in ending the Cold War and bringing freedom to Eastern Europe.
And although he was already 80 years old last 2011, and going to 81 this year, Gorbachev is still politically active. He even criticized Putin for the 'voting result controversy' last 2011. He may be old, but he's not giving up, especially remembering in the early 2009 when an interviewer asked him how he saw his place in history. "Don't consign me," he growled, "to history".

My Favorite Quotes by Gorbachev:

“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today.” 

“It would be naive to think that the problems plaguing mankind today can be solved with means and methods which were applied or seemed to work in the past. . .”- when asked why he withdrew troops from Afghanistan and Eastern European countries

“If not me, who? And if not now, when?”
-when asked why did he apply 'Perestroika and Glasnost' 

Good grief, I never meant for this post to look like some kind of school report. I enjoyed writing it though ;) Hope this post may be useful for those who read it.

Finding the One- the Exception

I was listening to 'The Exception' by Paramore the other day. Then it struck me when I realized how incredibly sweet the song it.

'Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul, that love never lasts...'

'...But darling, you're the only exception.'

People say that true love enables one to accept each other for who they are. What could be better than that? How about finding a person who likes you for your best and your worst? The one who actually finds what other people think of you being disgusting cute. That one person who will never be tired of all your 'uniqueness'.

That one person that you know will never judge you for being you.

I like one of Ted Mosby's quotes from the sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother'.

Yes. Yes, we should.
To find that one person who is completely different from you, yet one who not only understands or accepts but actually likes you for who you are.

No body is perfect; But when one's imperfection is perfect in another one's eye and vice-versa - they are probably meant for each other.

Anyway, let's just say this is another day when a teenage girl was day dreaming and ended up writing this lovey-dovey post.

And, off-topic,
it's 2012 WOHOO :)
I'm really glad that another year has come by. Hello, 2012. I wouldn't really say that 2011 sucked. I've learnt a lot of things in 2011. I learn about responsibility, friendship, hardship, stress, family, not running away- I learnt how to live.
Life is pretty much like a game, and age is like 'level of the game'. The older you get, the harder life is. It's a game that everyone will lose in the end- hey, everyone will eventually die right?

And I would like to THANK God, family and friends for all their support. Without them, really, I would completely be nothing. Wish everyone happiness throughout the year !