Why I Hate Ghosts

I hate ghosts. Why? Because they're scary that's why. Some people may say, "Pfft, ghosts aren't real!". Say what you need to say, but I am still afraid of them. Maybe I know they will not do anything really bad, and if I do see them I... No, no, that won't happen. Right?

Okay first of all, I don't know why but all of them are just scary-looking. Covered in blood, messed-up face, ripped skin, and more blood. It's just- ARGH.

You know what I mean right?

My primary school was said to be used as a hospital during the World War II era and hey, coincidence coincidence, the bathroom used to be the mortuary. Then we had a building that used to be a graveyard, so basically we're stepping on graves full of corpses. 1 bazillion years ago a woman hung herself in this room, at night sometimes people hear noises. I know this planet is old, but why did every place has to be used as graveyard/hospital/places where people die
That's another reason why I fear ghosts. They are said to be EVERYWHERE.

Lastly, but definitely not the least.


My friends said that psychos are scarier than ghosts since they are real. You can have a psychotic neighbors who love to kill people with hammers, you really never know. 

Well, at least they are PEOPLE. You can still run from them, trick them, lock them away or kill them. What about ghosts? Run away and they'll still be in front of you. Hit them and you will miss. Kill them? They are already dead. Hell, they don't even need to know your phone number to terrorize you through phone calls (e.g. one missed call). They walk through walls, doors- everything. They can just pop out from the darkness and BOO surprise!

Maybe some people will find this post amazingly laughable or silly. 

It is.
Being scared of ghosts sucks, you are helpless in the darkn and it can be pretty troublesome when you constantly need people to accompany you to do stuffs (going to the toilet for example).

P.S.: I was going to put pictures of ghosts to prove my points, but, HELL I don't even dare searching for their pictures in Google. I know I will be unable to sleep if I do :'(

Anyway, it's almost Christmas! I know as we grow older the excitement tends to fade away but PLEASE DON'T. Christmas is one of those days when you are allowed to be happy with no reason at all. Think of all the good things you had throughout this year, think of all the good things that will happen after this very day. Today is the oldest you've become, yet the youngest you'll ever be. Cherish the moment! HAVE A WONDROUS CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :)


Anonymous said...

ghosts actually wont disturb non-human :D

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