Not much words in this post.

I just went to the beach with my batchmate this last Monday on the 30th of May. It was a lot of funnn! We did some random things, and yes, it was a very memorable day ;)

As usual we took a lot of photos, and I just realized something. I have so many unglam pics. Not only from this beach event...

Take a look.

Together with my friends.

Wild night.


Odd one out.

There are still some pics from hostel games that I didn't want to put here. Too humiliating :))
That's all for now. Have a great day aheaaaaaad! :D


Anonymous said...

Btw ne what does 'unglam' stand for ? unglamour? :P ... Btw i've just realized that in every photos taken , acang has his own unique way of smiling or probably u call that 'smirk' XD... j
ust kidding~

btw 10 June is just right around the corner :D

Adrianne Walujo said...

Sort of yeah ;))
Hmm I'm not sure he's going to be very pleased to hear that you even notice such thing.

Yeah, can't wait to go home and meet you guyyys!! :D

Bordeaux said...

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