Have Faith

"Once, all village people decided to pray for rain. 
On the day of prayer all people gathered and
... Only one boy came with an umbrella."

Short but meaningful, isn't it? I personally LOVE this story :)

God is there, God hears our prayer. Eventually, it depends on us... Do we trust Him enough to let Him help us? It's hard, especially in this world that constantly shakes our faith.

There are lots of times when I felt like giving up. Times when I felt so tired to a point I felt numb. Times when I just wanted to run away from the reality. 

I've promised myself that every time I feel that way, I'll remind myself,

"God never gives us problems we can't handle. If He does, He will bring us through it"

It strengthened me somehow. I just know that I won't be alone. None of us is going to be alone. God will always be our side :')

On the side notes...

It's March break! I don't know whether to feel excited or sad... There is so much homework to be doneeeee. Dammmn it. Despite homework, I've gone through several moments that I wouldn't want to change with anything else, so yeah, maybe I should feel excited ;)