LIFE'S GOOD for now


Don't have much time, so yeah bulletpointssss!!

- had a super great time with my family! Comfoooooort to the max B)
>>> there's no place likee homeee!
>>> comfortable bed, cozy room, Wi-Fi :DD
>>> parents and lil brooo!!
>>> visited only 3 houses for CNY 

- SICK: sore throat and cold
>>> damn, i've had runny nose throughout the holiday.
>>> drank a lot of honey lemon and strawberry juice - tasted yummy tho :3
>>> couldn't eat ice cream ;__; AT ALL

- had a BLAST with my friends @ Puri Mall 
>>> on my way there texted w/ tap2 although both of us were in the car ;))
>>> they delayed their movies and it was all my fault, #anaksibuk could only watch half of the movie bcoz of that, sorreeeeh )':
>>> past school-life. current-affairs. future JOBS (ha, some of us don't really have bright future)
>>> while waiting, went to Gramedia and read a lot of books for FREE yeaaaah (UDIK)

- Foodie triiiip 
>>> not really a trip but eat lots and lots of food
>>> haven't had the chance to eat everythiiing but good enouuuggghh :3

- Misunderstanding and stuff with a best friend of mine
>>> still trying to sort things out, andd...
>>> hope everything will turn back to what it used to be

-Someone used my old account
>>> ugh, idontknow who it is. Hope it won't lead to anything bad. 

- .. and yeaaah, here we are, back to the reality
>>> going back to SG tmrrw ):
>>> have hmwrks, IT'S FRIKKIN HOLIDAY
>>> gonna need to go and make new MRT card since I lost the old one, and... there seemed to be no hope in finding it.

- buuuut... Gonna have hostel games real soon
>>> it's going to be excitingg! I had a lot of fun last year :DD


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