First Week of Hell

Yep, definitely a week of hell.

This week I had four exams, )):
History essay, Chemistry test, A Math test and Social studies essay.

They were difficult and also we're given like so little time. Yeaaaah. I was damn frustrated especially last week, exactly on Saturday. It had been quite awhile since the last time I had exams so yeah... I kind of panicked.

Glad that all of them are now things in the past.


I've been trying to sleep early, and yeah wake up early. I failed to do the second thing. I wouldn't wake up in the morning unless the light in my room isn't turned on. My hand would automatically turn off my alarm even though I'm still asleep.
There were times when I almost brushed my teeth with facial foam. Well, I did that last year and it tasted awful. It surely woke me up. ((:

Aaaah I'm going back next week! OhmyGod I can't believe that it is almost the end of the month and CHINESE NEW YEAR is coming! And a week after chinese new year there's going to be hostel games. February is going to be an exciting month, I hope?

I've been thinking lately, you know the quote, "Don't make someone a priority when he makes you as an option"? I don't know. Something has been bothering me lately. This quote seems to fit me well and frankly, I'm confused. If you love someone (as a friend), but h/she doesn't love you back, must we, stop loving him/er? I don't know, like, really, don't know.

But then something struck my mind, if I made a list of things that I hate about you and I love about you. I could come out with lines and lines of reasons why I hate you, when I got to the second part, I could only write a line...

"I just do"

Complicated? I know.

Anyway, just put aside the emo-ness, I'm excited to see my family and friends this upcoming week. :DDDDD Weee!!


Anonymous said...

oi lw bru 1 minggu 4 exams aja ... gw 1 ari 4 exams disini!!! bloody hell for hell's sake :P
lom lagi masih ada byk bgt tugas numpukkk
btw lw balik k indo tgl brp mp brp ?

Adrianne Walujo said...

HAHA tetep aja lah kan gua masih ada eskul, terus kelas bahasa melayu yang tercinta -___- bisa pulang jam 6 terus masi harus belajar.
Hahaha iya deh iya
gua balik dari tanggal 2-6 ntaaarrr

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