Why I Hate Ghosts

I hate ghosts. Why? Because they're scary that's why. Some people may say, "Pfft, ghosts aren't real!". Say what you need to say, but I am still afraid of them. Maybe I know they will not do anything really bad, and if I do see them I... No, no, that won't happen. Right?

Okay first of all, I don't know why but all of them are just scary-looking. Covered in blood, messed-up face, ripped skin, and more blood. It's just- ARGH.

You know what I mean right?

My primary school was said to be used as a hospital during the World War II era and hey, coincidence coincidence, the bathroom used to be the mortuary. Then we had a building that used to be a graveyard, so basically we're stepping on graves full of corpses. 1 bazillion years ago a woman hung herself in this room, at night sometimes people hear noises. I know this planet is old, but why did every place has to be used as graveyard/hospital/places where people die
That's another reason why I fear ghosts. They are said to be EVERYWHERE.

Lastly, but definitely not the least.


My friends said that psychos are scarier than ghosts since they are real. You can have a psychotic neighbors who love to kill people with hammers, you really never know. 

Well, at least they are PEOPLE. You can still run from them, trick them, lock them away or kill them. What about ghosts? Run away and they'll still be in front of you. Hit them and you will miss. Kill them? They are already dead. Hell, they don't even need to know your phone number to terrorize you through phone calls (e.g. one missed call). They walk through walls, doors- everything. They can just pop out from the darkness and BOO surprise!

Maybe some people will find this post amazingly laughable or silly. 

It is.
Being scared of ghosts sucks, you are helpless in the darkn and it can be pretty troublesome when you constantly need people to accompany you to do stuffs (going to the toilet for example).

P.S.: I was going to put pictures of ghosts to prove my points, but, HELL I don't even dare searching for their pictures in Google. I know I will be unable to sleep if I do :'(

Anyway, it's almost Christmas! I know as we grow older the excitement tends to fade away but PLEASE DON'T. Christmas is one of those days when you are allowed to be happy with no reason at all. Think of all the good things you had throughout this year, think of all the good things that will happen after this very day. Today is the oldest you've become, yet the youngest you'll ever be. Cherish the moment! HAVE A WONDROUS CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :)

Movies that drive me nuts.

Ah, it has been awhile since the last time I wrote something in English. Apologies to those who find mistakes in my post. 

You got up from your seat, feeling disappointed. You walked out from the cinema and told yourself, "Damn, I shouldn't watch that movie. A complete waste of two hours of my life"

I know this scenario must have happened to you at least ONCE. Well, it happened to me several times already. 

Why? Why do we feel this way?

Sometimes maybe because the movies are too low-budget, unrealistic, stupid, pointless blah blah.
Let me share some of the movies that have made me: O___O

Tintin the Adventure
I watched Tintin the Adventure the other day- last Saturday to be exact- and you know what? Tintin can't do anything without his dog. Oh no, wait, the whole movie wouldn't even exist without his dog. His dog is far too impressive even compared to humans. The dog was the first one to find the clue. It was the one that saved Tintin.
I was watching it and was like "Whaaaa? I also want that dog as my pet!"
Watch the movie and you'll understand exactly what I mean. 
Tintin's dog is a GENIUS.

I LOVE the graphic though. :)

And there is this captain in the movie who had a change of character tremendously fast. From a drunken man to a brave and wise captain. Tintin and the gang destroyed the city while chasing the villain, but of course no one cared about the city they even rewarded Tintin at the end of the movie. There are other unrealistic parts that I can't exactly remember. 
It was a great movie, although some parts are just too... uh, unrealistic and they left me questioning about a lot of things. 

Besides that, everything is fine. I still managed to enjoy the movie and the animation was very admirable. I am well -ware that the movie receives good ratings (86% at rotten tomateos and 78% at imdb), but for me, it's an OK movie. It is not that bad, it is still worth watching.

Oh God, I watched this movie last year- I think?- and I regret every penny that I spent for the movie. I heard the book was good and inspirational and I was like "Okay, the book is a best-seller, surely it won't hurt to watch its movie?"
It was so BORING. I fell asleep. No kidding.
In the movie Julia Robert should be visiting Italy, India and Indonesia.
I was really bored at the part in Italy I couldn't help but to fall asleep and BOOM suddenly it was in India already with all the dancings, singings and colourful thingies (not sure).

oh, i was right 8D
I wasn't alone as my friend also fell asleep. Then the movie proceeded to Bali where Julia Roberts found her true love (or maybe it was some kind of random dude- not sure, I didn't bother to pay attention. YES it was THAT boring). For the rest of the movie, instead of watching it, my friend and I laughed throughout the film about how boring it is (the actor had an OK appearance however it was worsened by his horrendous acting- it came to a personal conclusion that maybe all the money were used up to bring all the crews travelling around the world and oh- to rent elephants).

And I realised that Eat pray love is not generally well-received as it only received 37% ratings in rotten tomatoes and a shocking 52%(quite high :o) in imdb. To me, NA-AH

Eclipse or New Moon
It just doesn't work for me. The movies has no stories, pokerfaced actors and actresses, nothing interesting, typical conflict of teen-romance and all those cliches.

Worst of all?
I even forget what the movie was about.


28% rotten tomatoes, 45% imdb (MAN, so generous of them)

There are lots of other movies that I do not mention which are as bad or worse.
Economy is hard, so remember,
Sorry if this post offends anyone in any way, this is just a PERSONAL opinion. I'm just an amateur and I don't understand different aspects of a movie. I just simply say what I feel and think as an ordinary viewer. Going to write about some movies that left me with very GOOD impressions next time ;)

What are the movies that have made you regret watching them? Kindly share 'em! :D

It's OVER.

It's 14 November 2011

I can't believe it's over. No more papers. No more studying. No more guilt whenever I am not reading my text book. It's all over. 

My 2 years of struggle. Yes, 2011 is probably by far the toughest year in my life.
How did I do? Well, I have to admit that I screwed some of my exams.
And it's a lie if I say that I wasn't disappointed about it. I was but I am not.

I know I have given my very best, and God knows that too.
I am glad that every time I walked out from the examination hall I didn't have any regrets. I have studied- and I never studied this hard for as long as I've lived (no exaggeration!). 

So, whatever the result is, it will be God's plan for me. I know at first it may be difficult to accept the truth but for now... I'M JUST GOING TO ENJOY MY FRIKKIN HOLIDAY.

YES. A holiday! One and a half month I suppose? Well, I want to do things that I wasn't able to do because I needed to study.

I want to cook.
I want to learn to make flash videos.
I want to draw- AGAIN.
I want to read books.
I want to relearn all about web designing.
I want to enjoy my time with my family.
I want to do what I L-O-V-E.

So yes, my O level is officially over, but I still can't enjoy the fun since most of my friends still have one more paper to go ): 
This freedom only allows me to play alone, I can't share the fun with them- I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE DONE WITH THEIR PAPER TOO :)

I'm glad O level is over, but then again, I don't want to leave this place.

It's sad knowing that when I leave this building, life is going to change when I come back next year. I really have no idea what my life is going to be next year. I have nothing in mind. 

It's sad that yesterday was the last time I could go to the church together with my friends. The bus isn't going to be as crowded next year. :(

It's sad that last night was the last time I would be able to see and hug some of my juniors :(

It's sad that everything- slowly but surely- is coming to its end.

Oh well, it's an end for one thing, but a new beginning for another thing. What surprise does life still have for me? For all of us?

I guess for now I should just enjoy what's in the grasp of my hand- FREEDOM. 

My Inspiration: Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris
a.k.a Barney Stinson

I really love this man. I firstly recognized him in his role as the casannova in the American Sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ a.k.a. Barney Stinson.
Yep, THAT awesome Barney
He started his career as a child actor in Doogie Howser, M.D.
Yep, he is the SHORTEST one.
As an adult, he did not get significant roles until he played in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ that I have previously mentioned.

Anyway long story short,
What makes him special?

In 2004, he officially declared himself as gayThe news shocked the media and his fans.

His different sexual preference, however, doesn’t discourage him. He is very open about his relationship with his partner – David Burtka.

In an interview with Letterman, he even shared a story about his family. How he and David managed to go through some complicated progress to have children. He has twins, by the way, a boy- Gideon Scott and a girl- Harper Grace.

He told Letterman during the show why he picked those names. He said he wanted unusual names yet easy to pronounce. It amazes me how he even thought of details like that. He clearly loves his family and is living a beautiful life.

I admire him; He’s not afraid to be different. He is proud to be what he is.
No body’s perfect, and he is not afraid to say it out loud. He even shines through his imperfection.
Anyway, to those who might not notice, he did a very good job as a host in the 2011 Tony’s Award. He sang and danced amazingly. He has a really BEAUTIFUL voice. Maybe you guys should check out the videos? I’ll provide the links below ;)

I know some people disapprove same sex relationship, but when I see Neil and his partner, I can see love. Much of love.
So cute and sweet!
They support each other like any other normal couples do. Also, they seem much happier than other Hollywood’s couples who are constantly on and off.


On the other hand...

I was going to write some stuffs about my holiday and... I figured that it is too long for an ending, so yeah I decided to put it in my next post.



Not much words in this post.

I just went to the beach with my batchmate this last Monday on the 30th of May. It was a lot of funnn! We did some random things, and yes, it was a very memorable day ;)

As usual we took a lot of photos, and I just realized something. I have so many unglam pics. Not only from this beach event...

Take a look.

Together with my friends.

Wild night.


Odd one out.

There are still some pics from hostel games that I didn't want to put here. Too humiliating :))
That's all for now. Have a great day aheaaaaaad! :D

Stand-Up Comedy


Q: What is Stand-up comedy?
A: Stand-up comedy is a comedic art form. Usually, a comedian performs in front of a live audience, speaking directly to them. Their performances are sometimes filmed for later release via DVD, the internet, and television.
credit to : Wikipedia O:-)

So yeah, I like it a lot but I'm still new with this Stand-Up Comedy thingy. I knew about this a couple of years ago, and I haven't been spending much time to watch many varieties of this performance.
My source for watching the performances? YouTube of course!
I have some favourites, however there are many good stand-up comics out there whom I don't know. And sometimes there are some that I can't really understand (yeah it sucks to have poor listening skill).

Anyway to check some of their videos, just click on the links that I've provided below. ENJOY. 

His signature move! \||i i||/

He is an actor who plays in the movie called, "Good Luck Chuck". He speaks very fluent English and not-too-fast pace, hence making him easy to listen to.
He's frikkin hilarious. He really is. I even have some of his videos in my iTouch.

Sneezing Atheists
The Time When I worked in Burger King (Flash Video)


His parents are Indians who moved to Canada. He was born in Canada, thus he speaks clear and fluent English. He is really good in imitating accents and has extremely funny facial expressions.
I found out about him just recently. MAN HE IS REALLY GOOD. Although he can rather be too racist at times but I still find him VERY entertaining. He is my current favourite ;)

White folks, please beat your kids. 
Indian Accent


He is a great comedian who uses puppets in his performance. Yes, he is a ventriloquist. I love the way he makes different voices and personalities through his puppets. A unique comedian I suppose. I love him too!

- Walter Part 1 and Part 2

By the way...

I just finished my mid-year exams. WOHOO. I feel relieved but at the same time... scared. Ugh.
Disappointment sucks to the max. I always try not too expect but... Hope is always there. So yeah...

And lately I've been feeling quite weird since I have been having these extreme mood-swings. :\ Uh, I don't know. See? It happens again.

Anyway thanks for sparing your time to read this post, have a wonderful day ahead! ;)

Have Faith

"Once, all village people decided to pray for rain. 
On the day of prayer all people gathered and
... Only one boy came with an umbrella."

Short but meaningful, isn't it? I personally LOVE this story :)

God is there, God hears our prayer. Eventually, it depends on us... Do we trust Him enough to let Him help us? It's hard, especially in this world that constantly shakes our faith.

There are lots of times when I felt like giving up. Times when I felt so tired to a point I felt numb. Times when I just wanted to run away from the reality. 

I've promised myself that every time I feel that way, I'll remind myself,

"God never gives us problems we can't handle. If He does, He will bring us through it"

It strengthened me somehow. I just know that I won't be alone. None of us is going to be alone. God will always be our side :')

On the side notes...

It's March break! I don't know whether to feel excited or sad... There is so much homework to be doneeeee. Dammmn it. Despite homework, I've gone through several moments that I wouldn't want to change with anything else, so yeah, maybe I should feel excited ;)

LIFE'S GOOD for now


Don't have much time, so yeah bulletpointssss!!

- had a super great time with my family! Comfoooooort to the max B)
>>> there's no place likee homeee!
>>> comfortable bed, cozy room, Wi-Fi :DD
>>> parents and lil brooo!!
>>> visited only 3 houses for CNY 

- SICK: sore throat and cold
>>> damn, i've had runny nose throughout the holiday.
>>> drank a lot of honey lemon and strawberry juice - tasted yummy tho :3
>>> couldn't eat ice cream ;__; AT ALL

- had a BLAST with my friends @ Puri Mall 
>>> on my way there texted w/ tap2 although both of us were in the car ;))
>>> they delayed their movies and it was all my fault, #anaksibuk could only watch half of the movie bcoz of that, sorreeeeh )':
>>> past school-life. current-affairs. future JOBS (ha, some of us don't really have bright future)
>>> while waiting, went to Gramedia and read a lot of books for FREE yeaaaah (UDIK)

- Foodie triiiip 
>>> not really a trip but eat lots and lots of food
>>> haven't had the chance to eat everythiiing but good enouuuggghh :3

- Misunderstanding and stuff with a best friend of mine
>>> still trying to sort things out, andd...
>>> hope everything will turn back to what it used to be

-Someone used my old account
>>> ugh, idontknow who it is. Hope it won't lead to anything bad. 

- .. and yeaaah, here we are, back to the reality
>>> going back to SG tmrrw ):
>>> have hmwrks, IT'S FRIKKIN HOLIDAY
>>> gonna need to go and make new MRT card since I lost the old one, and... there seemed to be no hope in finding it.

- buuuut... Gonna have hostel games real soon
>>> it's going to be excitingg! I had a lot of fun last year :DD

I just DO :)

In the previous post, I sounded... err.. emo? HAHA well, not anymore. This is going the shortest post EVER. Okay so get readyy.

...and I just do!!

Oh, by the way I'm not in love or anything, it's not for someone. It's for... Yeah ;)
In the end no body's perfect right? No body needs to, though. They will always be perfect to those who love them dearly ♥ 

O yeah, try listening to P!nk's F**cking Perfect.
The title may sound a little too... explicit, or brutal or anything but the song is far from that kind of stuffs. It's sweet ;)

First Week of Hell

Yep, definitely a week of hell.

This week I had four exams, )):
History essay, Chemistry test, A Math test and Social studies essay.

They were difficult and also we're given like so little time. Yeaaaah. I was damn frustrated especially last week, exactly on Saturday. It had been quite awhile since the last time I had exams so yeah... I kind of panicked.

Glad that all of them are now things in the past.


I've been trying to sleep early, and yeah wake up early. I failed to do the second thing. I wouldn't wake up in the morning unless the light in my room isn't turned on. My hand would automatically turn off my alarm even though I'm still asleep.
There were times when I almost brushed my teeth with facial foam. Well, I did that last year and it tasted awful. It surely woke me up. ((:

Aaaah I'm going back next week! OhmyGod I can't believe that it is almost the end of the month and CHINESE NEW YEAR is coming! And a week after chinese new year there's going to be hostel games. February is going to be an exciting month, I hope?

I've been thinking lately, you know the quote, "Don't make someone a priority when he makes you as an option"? I don't know. Something has been bothering me lately. This quote seems to fit me well and frankly, I'm confused. If you love someone (as a friend), but h/she doesn't love you back, must we, stop loving him/er? I don't know, like, really, don't know.

But then something struck my mind, if I made a list of things that I hate about you and I love about you. I could come out with lines and lines of reasons why I hate you, when I got to the second part, I could only write a line...

"I just do"

Complicated? I know.

Anyway, just put aside the emo-ness, I'm excited to see my family and friends this upcoming week. :DDDDD Weee!!

4 Days and 3 Nights: The Last Night

Yah, seperti biasa. Gua bangun dan udah tinggal berdua doang ama si Rita. Gua turun kebawah, tapi lom ada yang masak brunch. Keliatannya nasi batu* kmaren malem di masak ulang biar ga gitu keras oleh si nadia. Haha buat masak nasi gorengnya kita masak dua kali, sekali buat yang gak pedes dan yang kedua kali buat yang pemakan pedasss :D :D :D enak banget loh! Haha udah hari ke 3, jadi masakannya makin jago (amin dah atau cuman gua yang ngerasa begitu?)

abis slesai makan ada yang nonton shinchan di tipi, ada yang mandi dlu. Slama nunggu smua orang slesai mandi kita main kartu, terus ada saat dimana gua, nadia, indrik dan darien berakhir di meja yang sama dan akan bermain capsa (bad sign bad sign), tapi kita tetep maen aja tuh hahaha. O iya gua jadi inget pas chatting ama si garis, kita lagi ngata2in si *ehem* darien (sorii nickname dia terlalu ga enak buat ditulis terus menerus -__-). Tentang anthem and all, HAHA yang ada disana waktu itu pasti ngerti maksud gua! Ini juga asalnya si dahar ngomong kyoot, biutipul, bla bla bla..

Ortu nadai dateng dua kali, pertama ketika ada si nadia, kedua kali pas dia lagi mandi. Pas dia lagi mandi, nyokapnya datang dan bawain 2 ember KFC buat kitaaa. THANKS TANTE :) 
Gua jadi inget gua pernah taruhan jumlah ayam di dalem dua ember itu. Hmm.

Nah, ada beberapa yang mau jalan- jalan muter- muter, yap, bosan. Tapi beberapa ada yang mau tinggal di villa (bener ga sih??). Disaat yang mau jalan- jalan siap2, tiba2  mati lampu bentarr.. Smua yang tadinya ga mau jalan langsung ninggalin apapun yang mereka kerjain, beres- beres barang, "yok jalan". Tapi bbrapa detik kemudian dah nyala lampunya, tapiii... yaudah deh, mungkin itu pertanda, jalan aja. Haha. Cuaca? Ga tralu bagus juga, kayak kmaren, agak rintik- rintik. Bikin kesel sih cuacanya, kadang2 reda kadang2 deras.. grr...

Terus kita jalan dan nyampe di tempat yang 1 taun yang lalu, gua, indrik, nadai dan darien pernah pergi sebelomnyaa. Ah kangen banget deh, tapi sayang, masa batunya di corat coret sih HIH nyebelin deh. Oiyabuat mereka yang ga bisa liat darien manjat, silakan liat dibawah ini.
HAHA BUSTED DAR ;) | Liat deh batunya bersih bangeeet kaaaaaaaan ):
YA, itu dia. Monyet kita. HAHA. Pas disuru manjet lagi malah gengsi- gengsi. Ckckc. Manjet aja lah teman. Abis itu kita poto2 random aja deh. Terus kita pingin poto bareng ber-sebelas ceritanya. Pokoknya semuanya. Bngung mau gimana jg, tadinya pingin minta tolong abang- abang yang duduk nan jauh disana... Tapi ternyata ada alternatif, haha yaitu naro fotonya di salah satu batu disana terus taro auto. Hahaha, karena sesuatu, kita jadi ambil foto 10x berturut- turut. HAHA udah gitu si hans paling banyak goyangannya. Ah emang si gaga gabisa dieeeem :P

:) bandingin deh batunya. argh. 

Sehabis itu kita agak bingung mau lanjut jalan kemana, ada yang mau pulang dan masih mau jalan. Aku... mau pulang deh masak nasi. :)) Peter ama zuki pergi jalan- jalan lagi, mereka bernarsis- narsis ria. Hahaha. Masak nasi jadi gampang setelah hari pertama, kita udah belajar dari kesalahan... Oke, di villa ada yang ngelepasin alat bbq kemaren, terus gua liat si nike dan hans berlarian kejar- kejaran kaya di film india saling meperin oli dan nyipratin air. Ahh teman- temanku.

Selama siapin makan malem, mereka bermain dengan monopoli yang kecil, HAHA. itu ngaco deh, bisa ada pajak and all :) melvin seperti biasa, di diskriminasi HAHA.

Malem itu kita juga mau ngebuat sup yang isinya kayak crab stik, bakso, dll gitu. Hahaha. Dua ahli bumbu kita, nadia ma nike sukses menciptakan kuaah yang enak padahal kita ga punya bumbu aneh2 haha :) dan btw nasinya sukses! Haha! gak usah kayak tempo hari dimana kita nuangin 2 gelas air setiap 15 mnit skali dan dimasak berulang- ulang (aaah itu kalo diinget- inget lucu juga ya).

Sehabis itu kita beres- beres, nyuci piring dan dll. Rencananya kita mau nonton The Omen, film serem gitu yang dulu seinget gua gak serem dan ternyata... gua tetep gabisa nonton dengan tenang -___- Ada yang nonton tv di atas dan di bawah. Yang diatas nonton golden compass, dibawah nonton sinetron hahaha. Itulah saat dimana gua masuk ke kamar atas yang lagi nonton acara nyanyi- nyanyi dan salah nyebut penyanyinya sebagai ruben. Dan diketawain smuanya.

Haha saat ngobrol- ngobrol di kamar itu juga saat dimana si nadia gregetan kenapa si korban aka melvin ga pernah marah HAHAHA atau kesal atau gimanapun. Inilah kasus yang langka dimana yang nyiksa yang kesel :)) Ajaib.

Nah menit- menit sebelum film omen dimulai jam 12 mlm, kita memutuskan buat ngabisin stok roti 3 bungkus dengan bikin ropang. Yah. Sort of. Terus si darien dapet roti paling spesiaaaaaal, :)) pake saus BBQ HAHA. Udah nyadar gitu tetep diabisin, ahh... Gua harap dia gapapa.

Pas filem mulai, hans dan rita dah balik ke kamar. Seperti gua, mereka juga ga suka filem- filem gituan. Gua, harusnya, bergabung ama mereka. Tapi gua mengadu nasib dan coba nonton. Di tengah- tengah gua takut -___- terus gua minta tolong rita untuk nemenin gua ke kamar atas untuk nge charge. Kamar cewe- cewe lagi ada yang make colokannya, jadi gua mo make kamar dahar ma indrik. Jadi gini, diatas cuman ada gua dan rita, sisanya dibawah lagi nonton. Kita berdua masuk tuh kamar dan tv-nya nyala lom dimatiin. Baru gua jalan masuk bbrp langkah, terus gua kaget, liat tvnya masih nyala dan channelny RCTI -____- a.k.a. the omen lagi tayang saat itu. Entah kenapa kita kaget dan... teriak dan... lari secepet2nya dari kamar itu. Ah... -____- Takut ajalah gitu, menghindari ssuatu tapi tiba2 muncul lagi.

In the end gua nonton tuh filem keputus- putus. Yang lain biasa- biasa saja. Haha gua sempet maen capsa ama rita, zuki dan nike. Terus pas di tengah2 juga si zuki kayak balik ke kamar duluan dan tidur haha. Kasian deh kasur kamar yang dibawah basah ketumpahan aer ama si nike ;)) atau itu gara2 melvin?!! :S HAHA

tuh film seru sih tapi  kayak dipotong2 iklan -__- bener2 ga pas deh timingnya haha. Abis itu filem abis, kita smua tidur deh, dan sadar besok pagi kita harus bangun dan pulang. Malem terakhir sblon smua ini berakhir.

*nasi batu: nasi yang terbentuk ketika masih bentuk beras, dipeluk melvin sehingga mengalami kegagalan dalam proses pemasakkan.