My All-Time-Favourite Game

Do these images seem familiar to you?

Yup. It's Harvest Moon: Back to Nature :))
Simple and fun. Until Playstation 2 and 3 destroy the simplicity of the game by releasing Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland and Harvest Moon: Wonderful Life. (Although personally, I kinda like the wonderful life version, yo-hoo, you can grow old and have gray hair, have a son OR daughter and watch them grow into a teen, townspeople that grow old as years pass by, that's gotta be cool right? ) More details about this version in other post, next time.

so cute :) *screenshot from wonderful life

I have mentioned this game in my previous post, I love this game. Yeah. I really, really, really, love this game. I don't know why. To some of you who used to play this game, maybe you guys are wondering, like I am, what is so addictive about this game? It is basically about farm life. No aliens. No earth-invasion. Nothing supranatural. Except for harmless Harvest Goddess and some Harvest Sprites, they are the only supranatural beings in the game. Even so, they are available to help us with farm-works.

muahaha! my slaves buddies! 

What is the main goal for this game? You basically grow crops, buy farm-animals (chickens, sheeps, cows), get rich, marry a girl, and have a family. The end. Doesn't seem that much fun, right?

This is what you basically do:

  1. Wake up, eat breakfast
  2. Check the calendar (what events are coming up?)
  3. Check out the weather channel
  4. If tomorrow is going to rain, put your chickens, cows, horse, dog inside building!!
  5. If tomorrow is sunny, skip number 4 and go straight to number 6
  6. Water your crops, if they have ripen, harvest them!
  7. Take care of your animals, feed 'em, brush 'em.
  8. Milk your cows, get eggs, cut the wool of your sheep
  9. Go round the mountain to take anything that can be sold, ANYTHING.
  10. OR you can go inside the mine, trying to get as many ores as possible until you turn blue and faint.
  11.  Go pick flowers to please the girls that you like, yeah, with an s. You can be the ultimate casanova and no one is going to hate you.
  12. Go back to your farm, and then sleep.

Right? I bet those who have played this before, know what I'm talking about. For those who never played this game, please bear with me, and try playing this game ;) it's available in playstation, gameboy, even PC! *cough*

It's not that boring actually, there are some events that you can enjoy and look forward to. Like the chicken festival, when you win, your winning chicken will lay golden egg. Or the cow festival. The tomato festival. Moonlight festival. Swimming festival, etc etc.

Still, in real life, to grow crops there are things like bugs, or storms. Raising animals aren't easy, they may not give you their products every day. There are times when the rain won't come down, and plants may wither. There is no way, a girl will want to marry you because we give her the same flower every single day. Life is never that simple.

Maybe that's why we love this game. Everything goes according to our plan. If something goes wrong, there's restart button. It's so simple. So peaceful. So pleasant. So easy. Where all people are very warm. No crime. The path is so straight. Yeah, we are secretly longing for a life, where nothing could possibly go wrong.

That's all for now, mind sharing your experience when you played this game? :)
Have a nice day everyone!

Credits to: and this site for images and other details ;)


Anonymous said...

Aaah harvest moon , game semasa kecil

Anonymous said...

I miss this game so MUCH.
I used to play it in ps1 from morning until night time T__T
maybe this holiday I'll play again... hehe.

Anonymous said...

surely brings back old childhood memories :D ... i still remember how i played this without feeling bored at all :D ... so damn addictive*
this is one of 3 childhood games that has deep and touching effect for me lol

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