Apple: New Products? Again?

Ah Apple, who hasn't heard about the magnificence of this brand? Apple is famous for its quality, its originality, its elegant design and its price.

ah the price beauty 

Mac. iPhone. iPad. iTouch. iPod Classic. iPod Shuffle. iPod Nano. iDontknow

Well, there was this case once in UK, when a lot of people came to work late that day. It was so weird that no one knew what was happening. When they found out the reason for the weird phenomenon, they were quite shocked. That day the iPhone's clock application had an error that caused the clock to be late by one hour. That was why, a lot of employees came late. They woke up an hour later than they wanted that morning.

So many people's lives depend on Apple. And still, Apple updates its products like crazy. It's like they upgrade theirs stuffs annually, or sometimes even sooner than once a year. Apple fans have no choice other than buying its new products (even though the upgrades might not be too necessary e.g: slight increase in screen resolution).

This happened to me...

I got my precious iTouch just last year. When I bought it, they said it was the third generation and it was the newest one. I was contented. And then, that day came. Yes.
They launched iTouch fourth generation.
From the first to the third generation, they only changed the OS and added some other details, of course not too significant ones ;). BUT this time, this time... They added the camera feature.

 As an amateur cam-whore *cough*, I was devastated to hear the news. It broke my heart as every time I walk into stores, I see these new iTouch casings, designed with holes for the CAMERA. One solution to this is to just buy the new iTouch, right? But you can't! You know the feeling? The feeling when you want to buy the new iTouch but you are scared that maybe in the fifth generation they're going to upgrade it into something much more awesome (ungkapan dalam Bahasa Indonesia: Tanggung)?

And there's no way you could keep up with the updates... But, camera on your iPod?! *Shriek*(okay I sound ridiculous, the difference between the newest iTouch and the iPhone is just one of them can make phone calls and the other- wait, I just remembered there is skype application. Okay there's no difference other than its price).

Another trend I realize is that, Apple makes their products smaller each time, take a look of the newest iPod Nano, its size is now half of the size it used to be. And the newest Mac book, none other than Macbook Air. Super thin and light.

Macbook Air
daamn it looks so fragile and vulnerable, I'm so gonna buy it!

The other day, a friend of mine, Zenjaya, shared this on facebook. It's a parody on Apple's ad, it's worth watching. It's HILARIOUS. Click on the link below:

Click here to see Mactini Ad (Hilarious Video)

Check out other Peter Serafinowicz videos about Apple.

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Oh okay, gotta run and bury my iTouch now. It might as well be a iTime-capsule by now.


Anonymous said...

oh well i love Apple products so much and yet the price's absurd :p.. i'll be waiting for rupiah to become stronger than ever :P



Zefa said...

Good thing I'm yet to involve with Apple products :D But I guess now Apple upgrades its products way too often.

Anonymous said...

iBetteroffbuyingsomenormalproductsoutthere. lol

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