The Most Beautiful Thing About Love

/!\ WARNING /!\
This post is going to be rather boring. For once in a while, I'm in serious mode. Please bear with it, and thank you for reading ;)

Try googling for the world's divorce rate. Its statistics, percentage or whatever.
" The Americans for Divorce Reform estimates that "Probably, 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continue.", which is actually a projection. "50% of all marriages in the America end in divorce." "
50% wow, that's like... Half?

What God unites can't be separated by humans... Right?

I believe in love. I have always been. But when I watched TV, or when I read the news, my faith for love began to shrink. "Why?" I thought to myself, "Love is supposed to last forever... Isn't it?". Then I continued my life, thinking that love doesn't last forever. Well, I know nothing lasts eternally but still... In this case, it doesn't even last long :(

However, recently something happened to me. It has once again, changed my view.

I was working in the National Museum of Singapore during my week of work attachment. I was, as usual, guarding the gallery. Well, only a part of it, and that part was the handcraft-making corner. There were little desks and little chairs to sit on while making the handcraft.

where i worked ^

People came, sat and made the handcrafts. And it went around like that for hours. Although it was SO boring- I actually had to bring my own entertainment (yup, I brought a small sudoku book, damn it was fun!) I had to admit, although it was kind of tedious, when there were people making handcraft there, it was really fun to watch them and yeah, simply heartwarming.

In the middle of my shift. This, happened.

An old couple came in, they brought their two grandchildren along. The first one was a girl, she was between six or seven, her little brother, ranged between four to five. They were westerners. Tourists, I assumed. The grandparents then dragged big chairs to sit as they watched their grandchildren listening stories about Pompeii's tragedy from the Museum's staff. They really watched, their eyes didn't move an inch.

After the staff finished telling the story, she guided the two children to the little desk to make handcraft. Then, I saw this touching moment. The little boy was sitting on the Grandfather's lap, and they were making the craft together. The Grandmother too, squatted and helped the little girl. I had the picture right here... ( IKNOW)

Yes, I'm a bad stalker and photographer.

Then after that, the staff offered the children to try on Roman costumes. So they did. The Grandmother smiled and leaned to her husband, "Can you take their pictures, darling?" The man, with smile that hadn't faded since the moment I saw him, nodded and he took out his camera. The little girl and her brother let out a sweet smile as the old man took their pictures.

'Amazing', I thought to myself, 'They still call each other 'Darling'? '

I was touched. I could feel the love in the family. Love of Grandparents to their Grandchildren. Love of a happily-married couple. What touched me the most was, they looked so happy. Simple wasn't it? Sometimes, small things like this really touch me.


I realize, although love comes in different forms, there are some things we can't change about it.

Do you realize when you truly love someone, you care about them more, even though they weren't there with you at the moment? When you truly love someone, you really accept them for who they are? When you truly love someone, you can't really let go of them easily? When you truly love someone... Does it even need a reason?

For your spouse, family, friends, God.
It is, beautiful. Calming. Comforting. Strong. Sweet. Touching. Warm. :)

I once read a quote, and it has been my favourite quote since,
"Love doesn't rot. It's the only thing in the world that doesn't. If it does, then it isn't love."

Oh, Wouldn't it be amazing if this world is full of never-ending love? God bless :)

P.S.: The 'darling' part, I didn't hear it personally. Big thanks to Sherine, my partner during work-attachment. She overheard what the woman said to her husband ;)


Anonymous said...

I like your fav quote.......

"Love doesn't rot. It's the only thing in the world that doesn't. If it does, then it isn't love."

I guess it's going to be mine too :p

Anonymous said...

well according to twilight saga-eclipse, the rate of Divorce in the united states isn't 50% but 2 out of 3 marriage... another movie told me that the divorce rate in US is reaching 70%... so guess we should cherish our love commitment then :D since falling in love's destiny yet our commitment will be our responsibility :)


anneeeeeee you can post this to! hahahahaha nice one :)

Christopher Hendra said...

Very insightful post Ne ^_^. It also convinces people that true love still exist nowadays, in the midst of this chaotic and corrupted world where love is nothing but false smile and trickery :p

Anonymous said...

you're so melancholic ... but I guess it's nice to think about these things once in a while .lol

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