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Don't know what's getting into me lately. It's just that I started to appreciate life, and not only that, but also appreciating how to live. I finished reading "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "Life on the Refrigerator Door", for the second time. Also last week when I went to church, the preach was about loving others. Also just now I watched, "My Sister's Keeper".

A little info about the books:

Tuesdays With Morrie
By Mitch Albom

It's a book about the writer's former professor, known as Morrie. He had always been a great teacher to all of his students. I'm impressed on how Mitch Albom managed to depict the character of Morrie perfectly. Now that Morrie was facing death, he gradually changed into someone better- he was already a great man before. Someone who appreciates life more and more. He was a true optimist. This is a book about amazing life lessons.

Life on The Refrigerator Door
By Alice Kuipers

A simple book yet so amazing. Each page is like a note passed between a mother and daughter. They live a busy life. Barely see each other. That's why they've been communicating with a note sticked on to the refrigerator door. Often they are busy with their own life, until one point we found out that the mother had deadly illness. Both of them realized how little time they had. They tried to cherish every moment they had. Simply sweet and touching.

What do all of these have in common? Well, all of them taught me to appreciate the life I'm living. To notice what's important in our life- that we commonly overlook. To wake up, and see the world around us. To love each other.

The last one struck me the most. Have I done it? I remember times when I closed my eyes to those who are in need of helps. Times when I walked away, avoiding those who cried out for help. Times when I hurt those who I love. Times when I got distracted when someone was talking to me. Times when I didn't realize that... Time itself is running out.

What has happened recently was a wake up call for me. I started to notice... That the life I'm living now is meaningless. Morrie said on the book, that we are often busy doing something. Chasing for nothing. Giving our all into something that's not even related to us. Not realizing what's real anymore. We're half-asleep.

Have you ever thought of doing little things that may change other's life? Like saying 'hi' to a friend. Helping someone carrying their books. Giving up our seats to those who need it more. To let other people go through first instead of you. To always be grateful to those who was once a part of your life. To keep in touch with those who you love. To listen carefully to those who you love as if it might be the last time you're hearing from them. To do what your conscience tells you to?

Often we are too busy doing things we think are important. Often we don't realize, or stop to notice what our hearts are saying. These are little things that could turn someone's day upside down. Just thinking about making someone happy, doesn't it make us happy too?

I don't know. I want to start from the little things. This may sound easy and hard to do. I know that there'll be time when I forget about this. All I can do is try to do my best. And like when they say..

"Live your life as there's no tomorrow"

God Bless :)


Anonymous said...

in fact, most of us have known that but we keep doing the same mistakes again n again..

Anonymous said...

it's easier to be said than to be done. :)
never thought of looking life in that way though.

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