Stupid Questions: How do you answer them?

What they actually wanted to say
Stupid questions, they're all around us... They could also be detected in... *Drum rolls please*


Scenario 1
Destination: US
Setting: Arrival, at Immigration Desk
Character: P- Passenger
I- Immigration Officer

I: "How come you are white and you are from Ghana..."
P: "How come you are black and from USA?"

End of conversation.

Did this really happen?
Answer: Yes (I didn't make it up, swear)

I searched it through the internet, and found some interesting and amusing questions. Immigration forms. Have you ever wondered, each time you are filling the questions given, such as,

"Do you posses any weapon or drugs?"
"Do you posses any pornography?"
"Have you in any way broke any law?"

These are very brilliant questions, if only, people are that honest... I mean there won't be anyone who actually tick YES even though they actually possess 3 tonnes of marijuana, right?

I: Do you have any weapon with you?
P: Now that you mention it, I do have a shotgun with me, and I'm going to hand it in instead of using it to shoot you.

Now let's move on to Visa Application

Have you heard? Students around the world who want to study at Britain are now asked on a form whether they have committed genocide before.

What is a genocide?


[jen-uh-sahyd] Show IPA
the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Yes, they do make committing genocide sounds like pick-pocketing. Still, if someone actually answered yes, I would think twice and then decide it was just a mere joke. I mean, logically, who would answer yes and actually mean it? :-o

Here is a lovable part, quoted from my favorite blog, The Curios Diary of MrJam,

Q: “Between 1933 and 1945 were you involved in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies?”

A: “Yes, and by the way, it is my 140th birthday today.”

Yes, this ^ is a REAL question from the US entry form prepared by the homeland security department. What can I say? Unbelievable.

There has also been a case where a little 6 years old girl was listed as a potential terrorist. Due to some technical problem, she was in the blacklist. Smart! I would have never thought of that, a little girl is MONSTROUS. Uh-huh, they can scream during the flight and cause chaos. Or maybe she was just being unlucky.

I read an article where an Israeli security shot a macbook because he thought it was some suspicious-article. It was being shot 3 times. I wonder what if... That laptop contained important datas. Or maybe it did.

"I'm sorry boss, my laptop broke. I lost all the datas"
"What?! How come?!!"
"The security in Israel shot my laptop"
"... Next time, find an excuse that anyone could actually believe. YOU'RE FIRED"

Beautiful, innovative, Apple's Brand New MacBook

To read the article:

MacBook Shot by Israeli Security Officers

That's all for this post, next time you are asked to filled up questions, please, amuse them. They have job to do, and it's a boring one.

Q: What's your interest?
A: Playing sport, music, and oh... Bombs :)

That... Would entertain them for awhile. Anyway, that's all now. Sorry for the super slow update. This post is inspired by my favorite writer, Nury Vittachi, cheers!


Christian said...

lu dapet info2 aneh gini dr mana sih?

Adrianne Walujo said...

info2 nya search google dong haha :))

melvin said...

loll ... gw ngakak di bgian pertanyaan have you ever committed genocide ? XD

Adrianne Walujo said...

yah... some questions are just good to laugh at :))

Echo said...

HAHA so true!! Where'd you find all these infos? :-?

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