How I Describe My Weekend


"Ah... It's weekend. Don't you just love waking up late in the Saturday? So late that you only need to eat your lunch as soon as you wake up? Enjoying the cool breeze of the rain. Just sit back and relax, reading your books, playing your laptop, doing whatever you feel like doing..."


Yup, things aren't going as it used to be anymore. It's Saturday today and I used to wake up late during Saturdays, but nope, I woke up at 7:10 am this morning (and yes, I know there are some people who wake up earlier than me during Saturdays, but... For me, this is early). I needed to go to school today to become a helper and attend an english workshop. And do you know what I dislike the most?

Waking up when it's still raining.

I mean GOSH, it's like the most perfect moment to jump, lie on the bed and be the pig of the day. Of course I also hate it when I have to walk to school while it is raining, holding up the umbrella that covers only your head and body, and later finding your arms are actually wet. And during the workshop, I was shivering for 1 hour, because of the school hall's air-con (my body can no longer cope on with low temperature). To add up more spices to my day, me and my friend left our files that we just got from the workshop on a table in Novena's food court. Then we arrived home at 2.30 pm. Cool. It was quite a day, but it hasn't even ended yet. But... As bizarre as my day could be, I don't feel angry, frustrated, moody, etc. Hmm. Funny.

Maybe because of this quote I read the other day...

"How happy your life is depends on how you want it to be happy or not"

True, I thought to myself. All this time, I've wasted my time to be... Unhappy. What's the use anyway, being angry or pissed by something that can't be changed? Nothing good could be done by doing so. Also, me and my friends have been enjoying life lately. I've been applying this quote into my life, and so far... So good :)

Every time I start to feel frustrated I will think this way, happy or not happy it totally depends on us. I can't let other people decide how our life should be. Have faith in ourselves. Listen to our conscience. And by the way, it's kind of similar with the concept of my blog, a few drops of bitterness make the best chocolate. The bitterness makes the sweetness even sweeter, right? :)

God bless