Bringing The Past With Me

My favorite quote, 'Time Flies'. I know, I know, I said it like a zillion times, but I mean... Seriously time flies... With the speed of light (okay, exaggerate much). Anyway, I am now alone in my parents' bedroom, and it gives me time to just sit and think. It feels as if I just got into Singapore, but actually I've stayed there for 6 months. Again, when I looked at my old friends, they don't seem to change, but they are now officially in second year of Senior High School. Man! And to reckon that we graduated together. Same goes with my little brother, before I left he just finished primary, and now he's in his second year of Junior High School, he is now even taller than me by 5-7 centimeters (I haven't grown even 1 mm!).

"Everyone has moved on", I thought to myself. Someone even said that, in the future, I won't be seeing any of my friends anymore, he also said something about having different life that will later become an invisible barrier between us. In one point we couldn't find any topic that will relate these two lifestyles. I'll slowly lose contacts, and then... All of them suddenly are just mere acquaintances. I denied it, but... To think of it more deeply, "Maybe it's true". Yes, each of us will naturally deny it, but who knows? This kind of 'Moving-on-and-forgetting-the-past' happens a lot. It's sad. Just sad. :(

I logged into my facebook account, then I accidentally clicked on photos of me. I decided that maybe I'll flip through my photos, starting from... The oldest. Then there was this photo of me and my classmates during yearbook photo sessions, there are lot of silly photos. Then I kept on flipping through the photos. I chuckled a few times seeing those photos. Then I came to this photo of me and my friends in Puncak. Walking on park, hiking up to the mountain, went to this fish pond, washing dishes, cooking frozen food, playing cards, and so on. My first intention on having a quick look on my old photos failed, I ended up reading all the comments on each photo. Then, I saw these photos, it was the sacred 4th of October, when me and my two other friends celebrated our last birthday in Indonesia in a restaurant which we destroyed later :D. I remembered how my other friends went through troubles to give us surprise, yeah the place was dirty, and we cleaned it up together :)) In the end I feel... :( and :) I missed those happy moments so much, when everyone had smiles on their faces, there were no worries, it was just... Indescribable.

"I'd be stupid if I forget about my past. If I forget about everyone in it", I thought. It's okay to move on, in fact we have to move on. But that doesn't mean we have to let go of everything. What happened in the past is what made you survive. It's always important to take a piece of our past and bring it along. So c'mon, keep in touch with those who you love! :)

The past makes a person who he is now - anonymous

And Now...
Here I am, frustrated. I didn't meet some people I'd like to meet, I haven't gone somewhere I planned to go before, I haven't gone shopping with my mom or friends, I haven't tasted some delicacies, in short... this holiday is just not long enough !! It's okay though, time will bring me to the next holiday in no time :)) See you again.


melvin said...

dufan wasn't enough to cheer you up ? :D .. btw i like the part u said the restaurant we destroyed together .. it recalls back our beautiful memory :D

Marsel said...

like this...
khususny yg paragraf 2 T.T

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