30 Hours Famine Camp

30 Hours Famine Camp
4- 5 June 2010

WO HOO :))

Last Friday, me and my friends participated in a camp. This wasn't an ordinary camp, during the camp we had to fast, meaning we couldn't eat any solid food within 30 hours. Drinks were okay though. I had to admit that this was the first camp I've ever attended my whole life. So I was kind of excited.

There were about more or less 1,200 participants.
There were 8 countries:
Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand and Mongolia

Then all of us were spread into those 8 countries, then in each country we were divided into small groups. During the grouping, I felt so ALONE since I knew no one in both my small group and country. Some of my friends (Regina and Sherine) tried to make things better and introduced me to people who they know (They knew that I had been desperately searching for people who were in the same country as me - Thanks guys! :*). Eventually I also knew that, there was one of my senior who was in the same small group as me. Yipee! I was freed from the fear of being alone :))

So we did this activity called, 'A Day in The Life'. The goal of this activity was so all the participants could experience the life of those people in need. The small group I mentioned earlier was actually a family too. My family's name was Naidu. At first, we were all shy since we didn't know each other. After a few minute of introduction, my facilitator, Fu Hua briefed us for this activity. There were 4 roles, Head, Vice- Head, Adult and Child. As one of the youngest in my family, I played the role child ( :D) with another family member.

As responsible adults and children, we needed to work, get educated, get vaccinated and... more work! Yeah, this activity was kind of cool. It looked like The Sims, only much more realistic. So we could work as beggar, prostitute, drug-dealer, street-singer, farmer (fancy eh? :)) ). It was fun, everyone was trying to do as many jobs as possible, in order to gain money and help each family. Another thing UNIQUE about this activity was that... you could get AIDS!! Wee~! Who'd have thought of that? You could get AIDS from being a prostitute, from being vaccinated for $6 in illegal hospital instead of paying $10 in legal one, or just by doing NOTHING :DD!

Okay, maybe not by doing completely nothing, but it happened to me though. So it was like this, I was about to sing as a street-child, the game master put some kind of hole in my identity card, and when I was about to start...

the horn was sounded, session 1 was over.

Me and my Friends were told that we needed to get back to our family. I was like, "I'll be back!!" (since this job worth as much as $20, while other jobs worth $4 ) as I was running towards my family's direction. Then in my family, our family head checked each identity card, to make sure everything was okay. He looked at mine for awhile then he turned his head up and said, "You've got AIDS". I was like, "What the eff?!", but since I was a shy kid back then I only said, "How come?". He then told me that the hole on this part of my identity card meant that I got AIDS. Then I remembered... STREET-SINGER- JOB. The game master there put a hole on my card! As soon as session 2 started, I ran back to the place I left before and the game master said, "No can do. You got AIDS. I can't let you work", I exclaimed with disbelief, "But I got this from the job you gave... which I haven't even done!!". I pleaded, and pleaded, and... *sigh* pleaded so that he would let me work. But he said he couldn't, since it was the rules. I was shocked. I felt betrayed. I was fooled. Every time people asked me, "AIDS? What did you do?". I smiled and replied, "Nothing". Then people would be looking at me, confused. I had no intention in explaining how was doing nothing could make you infected with AIDS. It was just simply too... Stupid.

Then as the game went on, more and more people got AIDS (Welcome to my world brothers and sisters). This activity also meant to tell us that AIDS spread quickly, and what's cruel that Game Masters usually didn't want to hire victims of AIDS... even though it wasn't their fault.

I also know that the life of children who inherit AIDS from their parents are horrible. People who aren't educated about how the virus spreads treat them as if they aren't humans. If only people know that AIDS wouldn't spread by touching, hand-shakes... Their life would be much easier.

Oh yeah, I got Malaria as well :D Wo hoo, thanks God that it was just a game, if it was real, I'd be dead by now. Imagine, infected by two deadly viruses just in hours.

End of 'A Day in The Life'


Anonymous said...

that sounds interesting. even though you said that you dislike it ,you enjoyed it lol.

Anonymous said...

Street Singer? Where was the location of the job?
Yeah, I got Malaria too. I was passing by the Auditorium, and then a facilitator approach me and poked a hole! WTG lah!
Cool blog! Check mine!

Emmanoel Pratama Hastono

Adrianne W said...

haha. the first day was the fun part, it started to get worse from night to the second day :))

tennis court I suppose :))
Okay, i'll check it out later

melvin said...

when u mentioned street singer . . did u actually sing it ne in the streets ? ? :D .. that's a though one .. but to actually think street singer got AIDS before she works is quite funny :) .. i wish ipto would make such an interesting event like that (it's a hard wish) lol

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