Exam is Over!!!!!!

Okay Finally. The day I've been waiting for. Yes. My mid year exams are officially over. I've never ever in my whole life studied that hard. Phew. And to the fact that it wasn't hard enough. Things are different but... yeah, we have to try and move on. :))

Today is 12 May, andddd... next week is going to be 19 May. The first time I stepped my foot on Singapore, was 19 November. Guess what? It's almost 6 months - half a year, I've been spending my life here. Time flies so fast. I'm getting used living here, things seem normal. Everything. So anyway, yesterday, I decided to clean up my room. Let me describe my room for youuu.. :)

Okay, my bed was a mess. Pillows were on both sides of the bed, blanket wasn't folded, and my bolster almost fell off from the bed. And yeah, my dolls were all over the room :D. Next, my desk, oh man, papers, all kind of books were stacked on the desk. 3 miscellaneous drink bottles on it, 2 plastic bag of something, pencil case, and dirty glass. Under the desk, pile of my laundry which I hadn't stored into my cupboard. The content of my trash bin was piling up.

Then I realized it was time... for me to fix my room. I started cleaning my room from my desk, I was re-arranging my books when I found something. Yeah. It was a book my friends gave me before I left. I sat awhile to read that book, I missed those time so much. I couldn't forget all the good times we had. Sometimes I wish, just to turn back on time. To enjoy those splendid moments I had with them. Too bad, I couldn't do that, and now I'm so far away from them. Gosh, I miss Indonesia!! I miss everything in it. :(

I closed the book, and continued cleaning the whole room. I even put an air freshener on it :DD

Anyway, that is all I wanted to say now.