What Is Love?

It's been awhile now. I'm now back home in Indonesia :x. It's 14th March! Yipee! So I decided to make a post related to love. Haha. Well, hope you don't mind reading it :)

You know, love is the most confusing thing in the world. It has no absolute answer. Unlike some questions, ‘What is gravity?’, ‘How does a rain occur?’, ‘How far is the earth from the sun?’ Those are questions which appear on exam papers. Questions which although are asked from different people, have the same answers. Questions which don’t depend on different kind of views. How about love? It is unique. It is exclusive.  It doesn’t have any formula like equations in math. It doesn’t have any classification like biology. It couldn’t be summarized into fifteen points like an English essay. Love is something that makes even the smartest person in the world… confused. Well, if you ask me what love is, it’s something random.

Like example…


It’s raining outside, and I sit nearby the window. I’m all alone in this room, it’s so quiet. Only the soft melody of, ‘Need you now – Lady Antebellum’ is playing.  I gazed at the tranquilizing view. My mind is empty for awhile, when I started to think whether he is looking at the rain like I am. And then, from my laptop, ‘Need You Now’ – a song that I keep playing on repeat, I noticed a piece of lyric from the song,


And I wonder if I ever cross your mind,

For me it happens all the time…


That’s the moment when I feel love.


Or the time when I called my friend. Just talking non-stop for 1-2 hours. Chit-chattering about unimportant stuffs. Old School. New gossips. Her studies. Funny stories. Crying out loud, sharing problems. Complaining about current life. Not forgetting to mock each other, semi-bullying each other, or to simply insult each other. To end with a laughter and promise to see each other.


That’s the moment when I feel love.


Or like now. When I'm in my home country. Enjoying my old but comfortable bed. The cool breeze of the air- con. The smell of the perfume, I used to use. Hiding my face between the pillows. Again, I smell the detergent that my house uses. I looked around this small room... And smiled.


Those are also the times when I feel love.


Random isn’t it? It happens to everyone. Love isn't just about opposite sex. Love toward your parent. Your pet. Your hobbies. Your friends. Your favorite shoe. Your siblings. Your cousins. 

In the end, we keep asking the same question, ‘Is this love?’ The answer to that question couldn’t be find in books. We couldn’t google to find the answer. We couldn’t ask our teacher about it. ‘What is love?’ a question which is asked by so many people also has so many different answers. The answer hides in each of us. There is no right or wrong answer. It’s something which you can’t learn or find. You must feel it.

Happy White day everyone :)

PS: I never said I'm in love. Haha. It's just an example, based on my PAST experience :)) 


Melvin said...

Considering today is white day, your note is surely a perfect match ne:) ...


btw bka dh link d atas ne^ . link notes fb tmen gw mungkin bisa membntu jwab pertanyaan lw yg "what is love" :)

Anonymous said...

I google-d it just now.

Anonymous said...

`Love is something that makes even the smartest person in the world… confused.`
^agree^ haha

Castillo said...

Happy White day anne!

haha. I reckoned the time when you would come to me, buzzing my YM, crying for help because of your love problems:)) old times. old times.

For me. I feel love when she smiles. when she does silly stuffs. when she tells me stories about her.

Have a nice white day anne. Hope u're enjoying urself. ^^

SanctumSacre said...

Lol, What a sweet and honest expression you post here. I believe it is from your very heart indeed. xD

Anyway, happy belated white day. Lol

Riz said...

Oh my Goodness my lil- sis is falling in love :x

Well, is it still the same person? That jerk? :))
HAHA we used to have this conv, we're like talking for hours about L-O-V-E...
but we kept talking non-sense, I mean really... it's such an abstract affection.
One thing for sure though,

Love can be the reason for you to be happy and sad

Nyway, happy blated white day :(
sorry I didn't reply your text the other day, I'm broke X_X
I will text you when my phone is back in business again.
Miss you anne, hope u're doing well in SG. :*


happy white day anneeee :) so random, yet so true.

anw, I'm kinda having blogger-stuck. dunno what to post, at all :(

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