Morning on the First Day of School (after CNY Holiday)

Okay so I began the day with a no-so-good start. I woke up late, let see... 6:47 am. Haha, when I woke up, the whole hall was already empty and dark (the hall's light had been turned off). I broke into ND and Michelle's room, I shouted in panic, "What time is it?"

ND still relaxed said, "6:46", then I ran off to the bathroom. Then, to make things worse, I forgot to put on my shoe laces (after I washed them a few days ago), so I spent another 2-3 minutes on my bed, tying my shoe laces.

Luck was not on my side today after all. I ran off to the first floor, then I remembered something, yup, my wallet. I put down my backpack, climbed up to 4th floor and grabbed my wallet. It's already 7:08 by then.
I didn't even finish my breakfast this morning, half of the plate was wasted to the dustbin. I didn't drink anything too, all I had in my mind was, "I'm late!"

Then I went to school with ND, Claudy, and Dela, and all the other seniors. Thanks God, although all those disasters happened, I wasn't late. I got there in time :))

Well, that's just one part of my whole day, but so many things happened already. Haha, although it was unusual and fun, I don't wish to experience such thing again. Running in the morning, with the fear of being late haunting you never feels great.

CNY Holiday!!!!

Time flies. Haha, it has been quite sometimes since the last time I posted something in this blog. Well, it's Chinese New Year Holiday, everyone in my hostel is either going back to Indonesia or staying out with their parents. Although, there are also some people who stay back in the hostel - very few of them though.

There are only 6 out of 19 girls in my hostel. I slept in different bed every night, (I haven't cleaned my own bed, even I don't want to sleep on it). I enjoyed the quietness and tranquility in the hostel, I mean... When could you feel such peace in a short period of time again?

So in this short holiday, I watched Valentine's Day and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, those are some great movies. I also visited the science centre, there were a lot of cool stuffs there ( oh yeah, I checked out body world too, haha).

At 14th February, it wasn't a great day for me. I learnt something on that day, ever heard a quote saying, "You never know how important something is until you lose it"? Well it happened to me lately. I took for granted all the time I had, and then poof! When I finally opened my eyes, it was already too late.

Still, I had great fun on that day :))

Well, I've been busy for the last 3 days (not with homeworks though haha), I promised myself not to go out from the hostel today, yup, enough is enough.

I miss my friends back in Indonesia, miss IPEKA TOMANG so much!!! hahahaha,

today is the last day of my chinese holiday, :(( gonna miss this. see you later :D