As I Sit Here Alone

You know, it has been a month since the first time I went back to school. Got a bunch of new friends, adapting with new school, start getting lots of homeworks, feeling sleepy in the class yet you mustn't fall asleep and those other things. I'm feeling... Normal. Things are settling down.

Well anyway, this weekend I'm staying out with my mum. I started the day with going to some new malls, then I explored some parts of Singapore with my mum. I enjoyed the day, really, and I was feeling kind of tired afterward. I didn't have enough sleep for the last few days. 

So this evening, I stayed back at the hotel room while my mum and her parents went somewhere else. Well... Here I am, sitting in front of the laptop.

I tuned to some music, browsing, well basically just enjoying the quiet moment I'm having. Then suddenly I feel something that I haven't felt for a while.

All the worries that I used to have earlier are gone. I miss this kind of condition, so quiet, only the music is playing. Typing what I'm feeling without any distraction. Chatting with my beloved friends.

For the whole month I've been missing this. I'm glad that I get to feel this moment, a moment that I won't be feeling for awhile. Well, I feel like posting this cozy feeling. Haha.

Miss you guys so much :)


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