Reading, an Interesting Hobby

My teacher gave me a task, a whole month task. So she told us to read 15 books. English books. Not comic books. I was like, "What?!! No way!"

So, some facts about me, back in Indonesia, I never read any book. Wait, I have, "to Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. That's all, one book, for the rest of my life.

I remember then, when I used to buy a Harry Potter Novel, I read it half way and eventually I closed the book, and waited until the movie was released. Worst of all, that book was in Bahasa, and I was so lazy to read it.

Okay, so 15 books in one month is definitely something. It's an assignment anyway, so I have to do it, or at least give it a try.

So far, I've finished:

The Gift - Cecelia Ahern
The Great Ghost Rescuer - Eva Ibboston
Life on a Refrigerator Door - Alice Kuipers
Fly on the Wall - e. Lockheart
Dear Author - Joan F. Kaywell
Two Words - Tanya Landman

I like them all, they are all great books, the story line isn't usual, so it's fun to read.
Currently, my favorite author is Cecelia Ahern.
She is also the author for, "P.S. I love you", which everyone says as a super great book. I want to read more of her books. Her books mostly are about romance.

I'm currently reading:
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Haven't been turning some pages lately, can't concentrate. I could only read books when it's in total silence, when there is no body around, and I usually end up with a bunch of people just talking about stuffs.

Reading is fun, and I should have realized it back then. I have friends that have read 10 books, 14 book, 16 books ( note: I don't know, maybe the number has increased), they are fast readers.

Anyway guys, try reading some novels, there are lots of interesting books in the bookstore, novels can be as interesting as comic books too you know :]


melvin said...

nyari bku novel b ing d gramed = susah + pemerasan . wkwkw.. kalo d SG kan lbih gmpang nyri novel bhs ing .. eh btw list nama novelny kok antik2x smw yha ? wkwk.. st2x ny yg pernah dnger ituh "Charlie and chocolate factory" ..XD

Jodi said...

??? what is this??

ND said...

cieeehhh anneee :D ud baca banyak yaaa

Adrianne W said...

@melvin: yah disini gw juga suka beli buku bekas gt jadi harganya kyk murah bgt, atao buku yg 3 in 1. wkwkw.. mahal sih tetep.. tapi ada yg kyk 3 dollar, klo bekas, yg penting kan isiny wkwkw..
klo buku baru gt 17 dollar, mahal jg kn..

lw dah baca to kill a mockingbird bknny???
itu bgs tuh vin, two words cmn 50 hlmn wkwkwk.. mayan buat masukin ke list.

@jodi: just my blog post?

@ND: najis lu wkwkw.. mati aja de.. wkwkw.. dah baca buku 2x lipatny gw aja lu

ND said...

ga kookkkk
baru 14 *kykny* :P
jawaban u utk jodi lucu deh wkwkwk

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