It's Me... Again.

It has been a long time since the last time I updated my blog (really?)

I'm now attending class every Monday to Saturday, 8 hours per day (crap, even school wasn't this mean back then), and it only learns a single subject... it's English. My bridging class has a blog page too by the way, it's on my 'List Link' on the right panel.

I sleep during the class everyday (not something to be proud about but yeah... I'm being frank here), like this afternoon, each time I finished one number, I took a break and slept on the desk, and then my friend would wake me up and I would continue to the next number. Still,I would sleep after finishing another number (okay i sound extremely sleepy-head right now but believe me, it's hard learning the same subject for 8 hours).

I tried not to sleep in class, but every time I open my eyes, they feel so heavy and force me to lay my head on the desk and sleep .__.

Btw it's time to whine.......

I miss my friends
I miss my family
I miss Indonesian Food
I miss Chilli!!
I miss Indonesian stuff
I miss my comic books
I miss my bed room
I miss my PC
I miss my music folder
I miss my HOME

I want to call some friends in Indonesia D:
This Saturday perhaps ;D


nate said...

indomie gk ada ne di daftar kangen lw ? xD

Adrianne W said...

Harusny ada y, itu udh di pisahin dari indonesian food xDD.. spesial sendiri

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