I woke up this morning and I opened my eyes. I felt a slight pain on the back of my neck. Guess it was the result from sleeping too long in the car the other day, I reckoned to myself. I sat on my bed for awhile. Trying to stabilize myself. It felt like I just came back from dream world to reality.

I saw nothing as it was still dark. I could only see a little sunlight coming through from my window. Not a sound was heard, except for the ticking of my alarm clock. I got up on my feet. My vision was still blurred. I moved my hand around, trying to find my glasses.

After wearing it, I stood up and walked toward my PC table. I stared at my alarm clock. Nine thirty. Pretty early, I thought to myself. Then I turned around, heading toward my door. I turned the knob and walked out from my bedroom.

Just the moment as I opened my door, I heard a gentle but loud voice calling me to come down for breakfast, it was my mother's. "In a minute", I said, trying to make myself heard, since it was morning and I didn't have enough amount of energy to shout back. I closed my bedroom's door, and I walked forward, to the door in front of me. I pushed it. It was the door to my parents' room.

When I got into the room, I narrowed my eyes. Unlike my bedroom, it was so bright. I looked around, no one was in the room, all the curtains were drawn and my mother left the air conditioner on. I gave time for my eyes to get used with the bright light. I walked a step or two, then I crawled on to my parents' bed. After I positioned some pillows, I lied down on the soft bed. I took a deep breath and there was a slight fragrance of my father's perfume. Just like it used to be, I said to myself. I turned my body around and faced the bright window.

I gazed at the window There I saw the blue sky filled with fluffy white cloud. I smiled. It was simply beautiful. It was the scene I used to look at when I slept here, at my parents' bed. I closed my eyes, I felt the warm sunlight and the cool breeze from the air conditioner. I missed this. I closed my eyes for awhile. I wanted to enjoy this moment. This moment that I won't be feeling for a long period of time. Covered by the cozy surrounding, I once again fell asleep. Deep asleep in the place I love the most. The place I grew up in. The place that have kept a lot of memories. The place I call home

Going to miss my home so badly. They are right when they say, there isn't a place as good as home. I love my home :)


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