Dorothy: Ch 2 (There Goes the Curse)

Chapter 2

There Goes the Curse

"We should find something about this Dorothy girl.. anything would do", Tony said as they entered the library, "Darn, for God Sake Mary! Why didn't you pass on the message?", Tony screeched.

"You know I'm not the kind of person who believes in such thing!", Mary denied, but then she closed her face with both her hands, "You're right, I was so stupid", Mary yelled. Tony calmed her down, realizing that they were in the library, and everyone was looking at them furiously.

Tony sighed, "Look, let's find some information about Dorothy. There is no use in regretting what happened", Tony started to calm down and began to turn pages on the books he just picked. Mary nodded weakly. After they searched fruitlessly for hours, they started to get frustrated.

"No information at all!", Tony put down four thick books.

"Let's use the computer, maybe we could find something on the internet"

"Good idea, Hey Mary. It's 5 o'clock already, aren't you supposed to babysit?"

"Darn! I forgot! But I have to search...", Mary panicked.

"It's okay, I'll do it alone. Your shift ends at 9 pm right?"

"Well yeah, are you sure Tony?"

Tony smiled and nodded. Then Mary dashed out from the library.

Tony sighed as he saw the girl he loved was in great danger. He stood up to the computer and typed He began to do research.

Back in the house where Mary had to babysit, Mary was scared. Her mind was busy thinking about the chain- message, that she broke two glasses, dropped a plate, she had been really clumsy. "Are you alright, Mary?", Ms Janice, the mother of the baby she babysat asked her.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine", she smiled though in heart she knew she had told a lie.

"If you say so. By the way Mary, I know it's almost 9 pm and you're about to go home, but can you do me a favour?"

"Okay, sure I can"

"Can you look after the baby on the second floor? I'm going out for just 30 minutes. Thanks Mary, I have an important thing to do. Don't worry, I'll pay you extra"

"It's no big deal", Mary smiled.Then Ms Janice drove away, leaving just Mary and the baby along in the big empty house.

"I better tell Tony I'm going to be late", Mary murmured to herself. She was just holding her mobile phone when she heard the baby cried upstairs."Just a second, Jhonnie dear!", She ran up to the stair.

In the library, Tony sat in front of the computer. From the expression on his face, it was clear the he had found something. Then he turned aorund, he looked around and then he stopped, staring at the clock on the library's wall.

"It's twelve minutes pass nine already, where's she? I've to tell her this!"Then Tony took her mobile phone, and started to dial Mary. Mary's phone was left unattended in the living room while se was upstair comforting the baby.

"There, there" she patted the back of the baby, as she put him down back to his crib. Then suddenly she heard a creaking sound from the door beside the room she was in. She wanted to ignore the sound but then she heard it twice, thrice and for the fourth time she stood up. She got out of the baby's room, and then she was staring at the door. And the creaking sound disappeared.She sighed in relief, she was going to walk downstair when she turned her back.


There it was again. Mary was petrified. She didn't turn back, she was too scared. Then the creaking sound got louder and louder, as if someone was playing with the door. Mary stood still and the creaking got louder. Mary with all her courage, turned around. And like before, the sound was gone.

Mary then peeked into the room, and she saw no one. She stepped into the room, she was scared but she felt like something pulled her in. Then she was already in the middle of the room, she looked around. Nothing was in that room. Then suddenly, the door behind her slammed.She was surprised, then when she turned back seeing the closed door, the window on the other side slammed. Terrified, she instinctively ran towards the door. She tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. She kept trying to open it. Tina's death in a locked room kept haunting her.

To Be Continued...


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