Dorothy: Ch. 1 (Pass On The Message)

This is an essay that I had to write a few days ago. Ms Goh, my teacher told us to make ghost story, so here it is. I decided to edit it, I want to make it longer and not such happy ending, I'm thinking of a scarier plot. I will update the story if I have finished the next chapter. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you don't mind, please drop some comments. :] Thanks...

Chapter 1

Pass On The Message

"Everyone hates me, No one wants to play with me.

So they locked me up in a room, Where they left me to die.

Pass this message or face your doom,

I'll come to you and make you cry

- Dorothy -"

"What is this crap?" Mary grumbled as she stared at her mobile's screen. Then she scrolled down in her inbox, finding 24 messages with the same contact, all about this Dorothy. "Tsch, what's wrong with my all my friends? I'm not going to pass this over", She pressed the delete button and left her mobile phone. It was mid night and she had to sleep, she had school the next day. She crept into her blanket, sleeping peacefully, not realizing that there was someone at the window staring at her.

Then the sun rose, another morning had come. "I'm late!", Mary dashed out from her house. She was panting when she arrived at her school front gate. She walked into the building, and couldn't help but to notice there was a large crowd. She grabbed one of her friends' hand,"Tony!"

"Oh, Hi Mary", the boy turned around.

"What's with all these people? Some kind of celebration?"

"Not at all", He shook his head.

"So? What is it?"

"Well, someone was found dead this morning, in the girls' restroom"

"What?! How come..? Who?", She shrieked.

"Shh... It's Tina. You know, Tina from class B"

"How could such thi-", Before she could finish her sentence, Ms Woodmither, the principal of the school, walked out from the girls' restroom. Everyone was looking at her in deep silence, as she was walking to her principal office, accompanied by two teachers, she looked pale.

"Ms Woodmither looked as she has seen a ghost", Mary chuckled.

"Maybe she did", Tony didn't laugh or smile. He was silent and Mary realized that he was serious.

"What do you mean, Tony?" Mary held his hand and could feel that Tony's hand was cold.

Then tony stared at her, opening his mouth and talked softly,"Mary, I'm sure, you received some chain messages last night, right?"

"25 messages to be exact. Same content", She rolled her eyes.

"You know, Tina died in the restroom this morning, the restroom's door was locked earlier. Some of the boys were forced to break in, and they did, they found Tina... dead"

"So? What has it got to do with last night' s chain messages?"

"Mary, There has been an issue going around", Tony stared deeply into Mary's hazel eyes, "Dorothy killed her"

"Wha.. what are you talk-"

"Tina didn't pass on the message"

"Nonsense! There is no such thing as ghost! Dorothy doesn't exist!" She shrieked, and she started to sweat.

"Then...", Tony pulled out a white paper from his jeans' pocket. "Can you explain to me, what is this?"Mary looked at the paper, it was a photograph of the girls' restroom. There were words written on the mirror of the girls' restroom right above Tina's body, she turned pale. The words were read, 'Why didn't you pass on the message?', there were written in blood.

"Look here", Tony pointed to Tina's body. Mary looked at where his finger was pointing, there was a letter 'D', carved on Tina's left arm.

"Impossible. It.. it could be anyone. Anyone who disguised their murders using the ghost's name, it's just... absurd!", Mary denied everything she had seen.

"The door was locked, there are no windows in there as you already know. Nothing else was found except for the writing on the mirror and Tina's dead body"

"No..", Mary started to tremble. Seeing this, Tony felt suspicious.

"Mary, you passed the message, didn't you?"

There was no answer, Tony realized what had happened, why Mary was being denial.

"Mary! Tell me you passed on the message!", he yelled.Mary, looking pale, slowly shook her head. Tony was shocked, what he feared the most truly happened, he was once again astonished.

"What am I going to do, Tony?" Mary stammered. She looked scared as if she had seen a vision of death.

Before Tony could say a word, the school speaker announced,"No classes today. Students may go home and study at their own home. Further information will be given"

Everyone was thrilled, everyone except for Tony and Mary. They still had something to figure out. So they ran to the National Library.

To be Continued...


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bkin yg xtra serem donk ne .. ngalahin film horror hollywood am jepang ... wkwkwk

Adrianne W said...

wakak gr2 lu ntar gw edit de, ch 3 ny gk sebagus yg wkt itu, yg jau lebih serem. wkwk... gw bakal coba bikin yg lebih tegang endingnya.

Melvin said...

Bkin seserem2x n setegang2x nya ne ... Ampe pembaca selalu ingat berdoa sblum tdur :D

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