A Whole New Beginning

Finally, I got the chance to update my blog (although Im in class right now, and Im supposed to use the internet for some research). By the way guys... I'm in Singapore now. Things that I've doFont sizene are... I've cleaned up my room, went to the Raffles Hospital for a medical check-up, bought some things in the stores, opened my bank account, travelling around using MRT and buses (cool!!), and of course... tried some local delicacies (I saw 'Nasi Padang' in some food courts the other day, and still, the one in Indonesia tastes better :DD).

I have classes now ( after 6 months of holiday :P)!! You know... It's kind of hard. Everyday all of the girls in my hostel who also take this class, must wake up everyday like... 5:30 in the morning? And all this time we used to wake up at 9 am ++.
I woke up this morning, sitting in front of the bathroom waiting for my turn to take a bath, and I wondered... "Crap, no more waking up at 10 am". Yeah, I'm still trying to adapt with 'waking-up-in-the-morning' thing, and I hope I will get used with it... SOON.

You know, what's one great thing about Singapore? Transportation. Yup, getting everywhere is really easy. You can take MRT, the bus or the taxi. I use the bus to go to school everyday, and the bus is also clean! (<^o^<) o yea! Still, you have to walk A LOT in Singapore.

The food? It's pretty great. Still, I'm starting to miss Indonesian Food :(. Nasi padang in here isn't spicy, rujak (they have rujak here as well) uses vegies instead of fruit. Oh yeah... the chili here isn't spicy. I should have bring those bottled chili from Indonesia, but I didn't .__.

Okay, guys, I need to work on my research now,
"3 top scientific inventions which have made the most impact on the world"
Time to google it!

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