I woke up this morning and I opened my eyes. I felt a slight pain on the back of my neck. Guess it was the result from sleeping too long in the car the other day, I reckoned to myself. I sat on my bed for awhile. Trying to stabilize myself. It felt like I just came back from dream world to reality.

I saw nothing as it was still dark. I could only see a little sunlight coming through from my window. Not a sound was heard, except for the ticking of my alarm clock. I got up on my feet. My vision was still blurred. I moved my hand around, trying to find my glasses.

After wearing it, I stood up and walked toward my PC table. I stared at my alarm clock. Nine thirty. Pretty early, I thought to myself. Then I turned around, heading toward my door. I turned the knob and walked out from my bedroom.

Just the moment as I opened my door, I heard a gentle but loud voice calling me to come down for breakfast, it was my mother's. "In a minute", I said, trying to make myself heard, since it was morning and I didn't have enough amount of energy to shout back. I closed my bedroom's door, and I walked forward, to the door in front of me. I pushed it. It was the door to my parents' room.

When I got into the room, I narrowed my eyes. Unlike my bedroom, it was so bright. I looked around, no one was in the room, all the curtains were drawn and my mother left the air conditioner on. I gave time for my eyes to get used with the bright light. I walked a step or two, then I crawled on to my parents' bed. After I positioned some pillows, I lied down on the soft bed. I took a deep breath and there was a slight fragrance of my father's perfume. Just like it used to be, I said to myself. I turned my body around and faced the bright window.

I gazed at the window There I saw the blue sky filled with fluffy white cloud. I smiled. It was simply beautiful. It was the scene I used to look at when I slept here, at my parents' bed. I closed my eyes, I felt the warm sunlight and the cool breeze from the air conditioner. I missed this. I closed my eyes for awhile. I wanted to enjoy this moment. This moment that I won't be feeling for a long period of time. Covered by the cozy surrounding, I once again fell asleep. Deep asleep in the place I love the most. The place I grew up in. The place that have kept a lot of memories. The place I call home

Going to miss my home so badly. They are right when they say, there isn't a place as good as home. I love my home :)

Dorothy: Ch 2 (There Goes the Curse)


Chapter 2

There Goes the Curse

"We should find something about this Dorothy girl.. anything would do", Tony said as they entered the library, "Darn, for God Sake Mary! Why didn't you pass on the message?", Tony screeched.

"You know I'm not the kind of person who believes in such thing!", Mary denied, but then she closed her face with both her hands, "You're right, I was so stupid", Mary yelled. Tony calmed her down, realizing that they were in the library, and everyone was looking at them furiously.

Tony sighed, "Look, let's find some information about Dorothy. There is no use in regretting what happened", Tony started to calm down and began to turn pages on the books he just picked. Mary nodded weakly. After they searched fruitlessly for hours, they started to get frustrated.

"No information at all!", Tony put down four thick books.

"Let's use the computer, maybe we could find something on the internet"

"Good idea, Hey Mary. It's 5 o'clock already, aren't you supposed to babysit?"

"Darn! I forgot! But I have to search...", Mary panicked.

"It's okay, I'll do it alone. Your shift ends at 9 pm right?"

"Well yeah, are you sure Tony?"

Tony smiled and nodded. Then Mary dashed out from the library.

Tony sighed as he saw the girl he loved was in great danger. He stood up to the computer and typed http://www.google.com/. He began to do research.

Back in the house where Mary had to babysit, Mary was scared. Her mind was busy thinking about the chain- message, that she broke two glasses, dropped a plate, she had been really clumsy. "Are you alright, Mary?", Ms Janice, the mother of the baby she babysat asked her.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine", she smiled though in heart she knew she had told a lie.

"If you say so. By the way Mary, I know it's almost 9 pm and you're about to go home, but can you do me a favour?"

"Okay, sure I can"

"Can you look after the baby on the second floor? I'm going out for just 30 minutes. Thanks Mary, I have an important thing to do. Don't worry, I'll pay you extra"

"It's no big deal", Mary smiled.Then Ms Janice drove away, leaving just Mary and the baby along in the big empty house.

"I better tell Tony I'm going to be late", Mary murmured to herself. She was just holding her mobile phone when she heard the baby cried upstairs."Just a second, Jhonnie dear!", She ran up to the stair.

In the library, Tony sat in front of the computer. From the expression on his face, it was clear the he had found something. Then he turned aorund, he looked around and then he stopped, staring at the clock on the library's wall.

"It's twelve minutes pass nine already, where's she? I've to tell her this!"Then Tony took her mobile phone, and started to dial Mary. Mary's phone was left unattended in the living room while se was upstair comforting the baby.

"There, there" she patted the back of the baby, as she put him down back to his crib. Then suddenly she heard a creaking sound from the door beside the room she was in. She wanted to ignore the sound but then she heard it twice, thrice and for the fourth time she stood up. She got out of the baby's room, and then she was staring at the door. And the creaking sound disappeared.She sighed in relief, she was going to walk downstair when she turned her back.


There it was again. Mary was petrified. She didn't turn back, she was too scared. Then the creaking sound got louder and louder, as if someone was playing with the door. Mary stood still and the creaking got louder. Mary with all her courage, turned around. And like before, the sound was gone.

Mary then peeked into the room, and she saw no one. She stepped into the room, she was scared but she felt like something pulled her in. Then she was already in the middle of the room, she looked around. Nothing was in that room. Then suddenly, the door behind her slammed.She was surprised, then when she turned back seeing the closed door, the window on the other side slammed. Terrified, she instinctively ran towards the door. She tried to turn the knob, but it was locked. She kept trying to open it. Tina's death in a locked room kept haunting her.

To Be Continued...

Dorothy: Ch. 1 (Pass On The Message)


This is an essay that I had to write a few days ago. Ms Goh, my teacher told us to make ghost story, so here it is. I decided to edit it, I want to make it longer and not such happy ending, I'm thinking of a scarier plot. I will update the story if I have finished the next chapter. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you don't mind, please drop some comments. :] Thanks...

Chapter 1

Pass On The Message

"Everyone hates me, No one wants to play with me.

So they locked me up in a room, Where they left me to die.

Pass this message or face your doom,

I'll come to you and make you cry

- Dorothy -"

"What is this crap?" Mary grumbled as she stared at her mobile's screen. Then she scrolled down in her inbox, finding 24 messages with the same contact, all about this Dorothy. "Tsch, what's wrong with my all my friends? I'm not going to pass this over", She pressed the delete button and left her mobile phone. It was mid night and she had to sleep, she had school the next day. She crept into her blanket, sleeping peacefully, not realizing that there was someone at the window staring at her.

Then the sun rose, another morning had come. "I'm late!", Mary dashed out from her house. She was panting when she arrived at her school front gate. She walked into the building, and couldn't help but to notice there was a large crowd. She grabbed one of her friends' hand,"Tony!"

"Oh, Hi Mary", the boy turned around.

"What's with all these people? Some kind of celebration?"

"Not at all", He shook his head.

"So? What is it?"

"Well, someone was found dead this morning, in the girls' restroom"

"What?! How come..? Who?", She shrieked.

"Shh... It's Tina. You know, Tina from class B"

"How could such thi-", Before she could finish her sentence, Ms Woodmither, the principal of the school, walked out from the girls' restroom. Everyone was looking at her in deep silence, as she was walking to her principal office, accompanied by two teachers, she looked pale.

"Ms Woodmither looked as she has seen a ghost", Mary chuckled.

"Maybe she did", Tony didn't laugh or smile. He was silent and Mary realized that he was serious.

"What do you mean, Tony?" Mary held his hand and could feel that Tony's hand was cold.

Then tony stared at her, opening his mouth and talked softly,"Mary, I'm sure, you received some chain messages last night, right?"

"25 messages to be exact. Same content", She rolled her eyes.

"You know, Tina died in the restroom this morning, the restroom's door was locked earlier. Some of the boys were forced to break in, and they did, they found Tina... dead"

"So? What has it got to do with last night' s chain messages?"

"Mary, There has been an issue going around", Tony stared deeply into Mary's hazel eyes, "Dorothy killed her"

"Wha.. what are you talk-"

"Tina didn't pass on the message"

"Nonsense! There is no such thing as ghost! Dorothy doesn't exist!" She shrieked, and she started to sweat.

"Then...", Tony pulled out a white paper from his jeans' pocket. "Can you explain to me, what is this?"Mary looked at the paper, it was a photograph of the girls' restroom. There were words written on the mirror of the girls' restroom right above Tina's body, she turned pale. The words were read, 'Why didn't you pass on the message?', there were written in blood.

"Look here", Tony pointed to Tina's body. Mary looked at where his finger was pointing, there was a letter 'D', carved on Tina's left arm.

"Impossible. It.. it could be anyone. Anyone who disguised their murders using the ghost's name, it's just... absurd!", Mary denied everything she had seen.

"The door was locked, there are no windows in there as you already know. Nothing else was found except for the writing on the mirror and Tina's dead body"

"No..", Mary started to tremble. Seeing this, Tony felt suspicious.

"Mary, you passed the message, didn't you?"

There was no answer, Tony realized what had happened, why Mary was being denial.

"Mary! Tell me you passed on the message!", he yelled.Mary, looking pale, slowly shook her head. Tony was shocked, what he feared the most truly happened, he was once again astonished.

"What am I going to do, Tony?" Mary stammered. She looked scared as if she had seen a vision of death.

Before Tony could say a word, the school speaker announced,"No classes today. Students may go home and study at their own home. Further information will be given"

Everyone was thrilled, everyone except for Tony and Mary. They still had something to figure out. So they ran to the National Library.

To be Continued...

Reading, an Interesting Hobby

My teacher gave me a task, a whole month task. So she told us to read 15 books. English books. Not comic books. I was like, "What?!! No way!"

So, some facts about me, back in Indonesia, I never read any book. Wait, I have, "to Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. That's all, one book, for the rest of my life.

I remember then, when I used to buy a Harry Potter Novel, I read it half way and eventually I closed the book, and waited until the movie was released. Worst of all, that book was in Bahasa, and I was so lazy to read it.

Okay, so 15 books in one month is definitely something. It's an assignment anyway, so I have to do it, or at least give it a try.

So far, I've finished:

The Gift - Cecelia Ahern
The Great Ghost Rescuer - Eva Ibboston
Life on a Refrigerator Door - Alice Kuipers
Fly on the Wall - e. Lockheart
Dear Author - Joan F. Kaywell
Two Words - Tanya Landman

I like them all, they are all great books, the story line isn't usual, so it's fun to read.
Currently, my favorite author is Cecelia Ahern.
She is also the author for, "P.S. I love you", which everyone says as a super great book. I want to read more of her books. Her books mostly are about romance.

I'm currently reading:
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Haven't been turning some pages lately, can't concentrate. I could only read books when it's in total silence, when there is no body around, and I usually end up with a bunch of people just talking about stuffs.

Reading is fun, and I should have realized it back then. I have friends that have read 10 books, 14 book, 16 books ( note: I don't know, maybe the number has increased), they are fast readers.

Anyway guys, try reading some novels, there are lots of interesting books in the bookstore, novels can be as interesting as comic books too you know :]

It's Me... Again.

It has been a long time since the last time I updated my blog (really?)

I'm now attending class every Monday to Saturday, 8 hours per day (crap, even school wasn't this mean back then), and it only learns a single subject... it's English. My bridging class has a blog page too by the way, it's on my 'List Link' on the right panel.

I sleep during the class everyday (not something to be proud about but yeah... I'm being frank here), like this afternoon, each time I finished one number, I took a break and slept on the desk, and then my friend would wake me up and I would continue to the next number. Still,I would sleep after finishing another number (okay i sound extremely sleepy-head right now but believe me, it's hard learning the same subject for 8 hours).

I tried not to sleep in class, but every time I open my eyes, they feel so heavy and force me to lay my head on the desk and sleep .__.

Btw it's time to whine.......

I miss my friends
I miss my family
I miss Indonesian Food
I miss Chilli!!
I miss Indonesian stuff
I miss my comic books
I miss my bed room
I miss my PC
I miss my music folder
I miss my HOME

I want to call some friends in Indonesia D:
This Saturday perhaps ;D

A Whole New Beginning

Finally, I got the chance to update my blog (although Im in class right now, and Im supposed to use the internet for some research). By the way guys... I'm in Singapore now. Things that I've doFont sizene are... I've cleaned up my room, went to the Raffles Hospital for a medical check-up, bought some things in the stores, opened my bank account, travelling around using MRT and buses (cool!!), and of course... tried some local delicacies (I saw 'Nasi Padang' in some food courts the other day, and still, the one in Indonesia tastes better :DD).

I have classes now ( after 6 months of holiday :P)!! You know... It's kind of hard. Everyday all of the girls in my hostel who also take this class, must wake up everyday like... 5:30 in the morning? And all this time we used to wake up at 9 am ++.
I woke up this morning, sitting in front of the bathroom waiting for my turn to take a bath, and I wondered... "Crap, no more waking up at 10 am". Yeah, I'm still trying to adapt with 'waking-up-in-the-morning' thing, and I hope I will get used with it... SOON.

You know, what's one great thing about Singapore? Transportation. Yup, getting everywhere is really easy. You can take MRT, the bus or the taxi. I use the bus to go to school everyday, and the bus is also clean! (<^o^<) o yea! Still, you have to walk A LOT in Singapore.

The food? It's pretty great. Still, I'm starting to miss Indonesian Food :(. Nasi padang in here isn't spicy, rujak (they have rujak here as well) uses vegies instead of fruit. Oh yeah... the chili here isn't spicy. I should have bring those bottled chili from Indonesia, but I didn't .__.

Okay, guys, I need to work on my research now,
"3 top scientific inventions which have made the most impact on the world"
Time to google it!

Address: CJC Hostel, 127 whitley rd (come and visit me)
Mobile: 94846560 (if you text me from Indonesia it will cost you Rp.500,- if I'm not mistaken)

Buat aku, 'waktu' itu...


Waktu itu berjalan cepat banget yah? Mungkin ada yang bilang, “gak ah nne, lama banget, apalagi kalau lagi jam pelajaran”. Yup, gw harus stuju ama yang ngomong begitu, emang terkadang waktu berjalan lambat banget, tapi biasanya hanya dalam jangka pendek dimana kita gak melakukan apa- apa. Pernah gak kalian mikir atau dengar orang ngomong gini, “Wah! Cepet banget yah sekarang dah SMA…” atau “Wah… cepet banget yah kamu gedenya!”. Gak pernah kan ada yang ngomong, “Wah! Masih SMA? Loh… kayaknya kemarin juga SMA, kok lama banget?” atau “Waktu tuh lambat banget yaa…”. Jarang banget kan? Yah, gw mau sharing tentang pendapat gw pada “cepatnya waktu”. So here’s some story…

Kurang dari 1 minggu lagi gw bakal pergi dari tanah air tercinta, jauh dari keluarga, my beloved friends, dan lingkungan gw dari kcil ini. Dulu rasanya lama banget, menunggu keberangkatan ke SG. Tapi tau gak? Kita gak sadar kalo waktu tuh mengalir begitu cepatnya, jujur yah. Rasanya baru kemaren gw liat temen- temen SMP gw di MOS ama SMA-nya , gw kaget pas mereka bilang dah mau bagi rapot mid semester. Gw mikir dalam hati, “Astaga udah 3 bulan yah?”. 

Ne kapan berangkat ke SG?” Dulu pertanyaan ini bisa gw jawab sambil tersenyum, “Masih lama buanget kok, haha”. Baru- baru salah seorang temen SD nanya gw pertanyaan yang sama persis, “Ne kapan berangkatnya ?” gw terdiam buat sesaat, lalu gw bilang “19 November”. Perasaan gw ketika menjawab kedua pertanyaan itu… beda. Pas kedua kalinya gw jawab pertanyaan itu, gw mikir, “Gak kerasa tinggal bentar lagi…”. Waktu gak pernah gagal mengagetkan gw.

Guys, point gw disini… DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. Beneran deh, waktu tidak pernah berhenti walau sedetikpun. Pikirkan, bentar lagi kalian akan pisah, masuk kuliah, nikah, kerja dan menjalani hidup masing- masing. Waktu yang ada sekarang, manfaatkan baik- baik, ukir kenangan sebanyak- banyaknya. Belum tentu kesempatan yang sama bakal ada lagi.

Orang bilang, “time is money”. Menurut gw sih… gak begitu. Benarkah waktu = uang? Jadi kalau kita punya banyak uang, kita bisa menggantikan waktu? Gak kan? Secara realita, waktu itu bahkan lebih berharga dari uang. Waktu gak bisa dibeli. Waktu itu pemberian Tuhan. Jadi kawan, selama masih ada, manfaatkanlah!

Post Pertama


Yap… Akhirnya jadi juga blog ini. Tadinya blog ini kosong melompong, belom ada isinya. Sebagai post pertama mungkin lebi baik gw crita- crita dikit tentang diri gw yah. Nama gw Adrianne Walujo, gw lahir pada tanggal 24 September tahun xxxx hahaha. Hobi gw, dengerin musik, nge-tweak, design, baca buku, telponan, ngumpul- ngumpul, dan dsb deh. Panjang juga kalau dicratiin.

Mungkin ada yang bertanya- tanya, kenapa nama blog gw ‘jovialanne’ well… terdiri dari dua kata jovial dan anne, haha jovial itu bahasa inggris yang artinya ‘ceria’, ‘periang’, sedangkan anne itu adalah… nama panggilan gw. Haha, walau banyak panggilan- panggilan lain gw yang bisa dikatakan ‘aib’ mungkin suatu saat kalau gw udah gak tau malu bakal gw critaiin nama- nama aib tersebut (yah sekarang gw masih tau malu).

Why bittersweet? Gw punya prinsip kalau, hidup itu bittersweet artinya manis-pahit. Jelas dong, mana ada orang yang selalu merasa hidupnya itu manisss tanpa ada rasa pahit sedikitpun. Dan sebaliknya, gak ada orang yang selalu hidup dalam kepahitan. Yah itu cuman sebuah pandangan dari gw.  

Well, tentang kepribadian gw… liat aja di post- post berikutnya, dan kira- kira sendiri aja gw orangya seperti apa… haha. Gw sedang dalam masa adaptasi dalam blogging, jadi, sabar aja yah ama tampilan blog gw yah bener- bener ‘plain’. :P Drop some comment if you don’t mind :)